Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The (not so) Dog Days of Summer

Summer is busy.  Does anyone else feel like they check their calendar and every weekend is booked until school starts up?

It's frustrating because every summer I wish for long, lazy days.  We have them, but they are fewer and farther between.  I take comfort in knowing my kids don't feel the squeeze of summer chaos because they only feel what they are involved in.  My oldest doesn't worry about gymnastics classes with my youngest and my middle kids don't worry about what camps the other kids in are in.  Everyone gets to do their one camp and we make time for a family vacation.  

The trouble is with each kid in one camp, and football starting up in August, the weeks and weekends are booked solid.  And I feel all of it. I arrange the rides, the food and the babysitting.  

This past Monday we took a family day and hit up Knoebels, a small theme park about forty five minutes away.  There is no admission and no fee for parking.  We bought ticket books for 20% off at the grocery store and arrived when the park opened.  We didn't wait in lines and the weather was perfect.

It was just the kind of day we needed to catch our breath before another busy week of camps, work and practices.  

I remember feeling like summer lasted forever when I was a kid.  I can still see myself swimming in our pool and reading books.  I walked to the town lake and spent hours with friends.  The days went slow and when September rolled around I couldn't wait for school to begin.  It was truly the "dog days of summer."

I loved it.  And I'm wondering if my mom felt the same way I do now.  Rushed but thankful summer is finally here.  There is really nothing like it; late nights and no homework or lunch packs.  It's busy, but it's wonderful.

What is everyone else up to this summer?  Do you sign the kids up for camps or keep it simple?

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful Monday. I wish we had something like that around us. It's funny to look back on things we remember when we were kids. It truly does make you wonder what your own children are thinking now and wonder what your own mother was thinking back then. We keep our summers as simple as we can. But our kiddos are also all young. No camps and no sports till soccer in late August. A few trips, but mostly just hanging around the house. And that's ok. We dig it. :) Happy Summer!!! ;)


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