Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thirty Years Ago...

About 30 years ago, I looked like this:

There are a few key points I need to make about this photo, the first being recital gear hasn't evolved much in the thirty years since this photo was taken.  The second being I am extremely blessed my girls don't do dance, because if memory serves these recitals cost a small fortune and parents have to sit through very long programs of many classes just to see that one super awesome routine for three whole minutes.

I remember my dad always making funny comments about how many other "dances" were in the recital, but I think back on it now and I realize he was extremely serious and just trying to sugarcoat the truth about how painful recitals were. 

I'll finish this with I pay an arm and a leg for football, gymnastics, baseball, basketball and whatever else my kids are into these days.  Which brings me back to being grateful we never added in dance.  My goodness I did dance for YEARS and my mother drove me to lessons, competitions and recitals.  And she had six kids to worry about.  I have four and with three heavily involved in athletics, I think my head would fall off if I had one more place to go.

Happy Weekend, and even better happy summer vacation to us. No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks....

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