Monday, July 21, 2014

Mind Your Manners.

I would like to think I'm reasonable when it comes to rules, regulations and expectations in our house.  I've never banned television or sugar.  Chores can be completed in twenty minutes, and as long as everything is finished and time has been spent outside the kids can play video games and watch their shows.  Within reason of course.

I believe every parent needs to pick their battles, because we can't nag our kids about everything.  We'll all be miserable and eventually they'll block us out.  Ignore us.  Hate us for eternity.  I can't say I'd blame them either.  We all need space to breathe and grow without crazy expectations to live up to all the time.

I decided thirteen years ago, when my oldest was a baby, to focus on teaching my kids to be considerate and kind.  My wish has always been for them to function in society and be welcome just about anywhere because they behave.  I wanted them to have manners, and I knew for me to teach manners I simply had to have them myself.

I needed to show my kids how to be kind.  How to be patient.  I needed to thank the lady at the drive thru and hold the door for strangers.

I'll stop here and mention I have bad days, and I'm not always patient.  I curse like a sailor and my kids tell me when I'm using bad words.  I also know all kids misbehave.  Mine do too.  Those little buggers tell fibs and try to get eachother in trouble and they all claim they don't leave empty cups in the living room yet there are ALWAYS empty cups in there!  It's baffling.

Ever since my munchkins were babies I insisted on "please" and "no thank you."  I believe in "you're welcome" and looking at people when you're spoken to and when you speak.

If you don't want another cup of milk you don't answer me with "nah," "nope," or shaking your head.  It's "no thank you."  

If I have groceries in the car you offer to carry some inside.  

When we're in the car, in the house, at a restaurant or anywhere I can't escape you don't make weird noises for no reason.  You don't scream or fight or poke your siblings.  If you make someone else scream or cry YOU will get into trouble.  Every single time.  It's common courtesy to be aware of the people around you, and there are already too many adults in this world who either don't care or they are simply clueless.

I don't want to contribute four more people to the world of clueless, unaware adults.  It's like I've said before, we're raising adults.  Not children.  My goal in life isn't to push my kids to have the highest GPA.  I don't need little Mozarts or gifted artists.  My goal is to raise good, hardworking kids to do the best they can while being courteous, respectful and polite.

I'll take a little of everything and A LOT of manners.  I'll take a good student and a strong athlete with a solid understanding of how to behave.  I need to be able to take my four kids somewhere and know they will function in an appropriate manner.  They don't always pull through, but we get up the next day and try again.

That is my mom mantra.  Get up tomorrow and try again.

It's an every day battle worth fighting, and one day they'll thank me.  You can teach many things, but courtesy has to be ingrained.  It has to be lived.  And we're working on it.  Every. Single. Day.

Happy Monday all!  It's a new week, make it awesome!


  1. You are sincerely the most wonderful Mama.

    1. Awe thanks! You are not too shabby yourself!!! :)


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