Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School Favorites

I seriously can't believe we're almost headed back to school.  This week, Junior High football practice starts. Next week, Back to School night. And the end of next week?  The yellow bus will be rollin' up.

I'm ready to celebrate and cry all at once.

I'm truthfully not ready to embrace my munchkins going back to school.  I prefer the summer thing.  I prefer no homework, no alarms, late nights and later mornings.  I love the unscheduled playdates and time in the pool.  There is something very daunting about packing four lunches every morning, working part time, shuffling the schedules of six people and trying to stay sane.  

I might just let myself go batty and see where the chips fall.  

In honor of back to school time, I'm sharing my favorite Back to School Pinterest pins. 

How adorable is this Do it Yourself Homework Caddy by Uncommon Designs?  Love it.  And it's a great project to fill up lazy August summer days.

This pencil dispenser shared by You've Been Framed is the perfect teacher gift.  We go through about ten pencils every two weeks.  And I only have three kids doing homework.  

Every parent knows how fast time flies.  I love the idea of doing a "Back to School Interview" every year.  What a great way to look back on all those "first" days of school.

My favorite of all the back to school pins I've found is most definitely this shoe organizer turned supply holder.  I will be adding this to our kitchen this week.  I am SO OVER all the searching for pencils, calculators, scissors, crayons and just about everything else.

If you need something fun for kids that are bored with swimming and playing outside, try making these nifty magnets.  Have your kids customize them and use them during the year for all those art projects and important papers!


Enjoy your week! hare your favorite back to school crafts with me via the comments section!


  1. I'm with you. Back-to-school is NOT my favorite time and this year I'm having a bit of an identity crisis because I'll be a stay-at-home mom with no one to stay at home with. Sigh.

    For back to school last year I used a shower caddy (the kind they sell for college dorms?) as a homework bin. 1 blue (boys) and 1 pink (girls) and filled with the essentials. It helps that my boys are the oldest so they needed more complicated things (protractor, anyone?) and the girls needed the simpler stuff (pencil sharpener, etc.). Best.idea.EVER.

    1. Fabulous!! How easy - and perfect because it won't take up a ton of roon! I did more prep today...:( to shop with the kids but not to think about all the lunches I'll have to pack!


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