Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best Coupon Sites (and other tricks!)

Lately I've been afraid to check my blog traffic.  It changes like the weather here in central Pennsylvania, and over the summer my blogging habits have left little to be desired.  Work, kids home from school, laundry and all that good stuff has zapped my creative juices.

But no worries.  The bus pulled away and they're back.  Juices are flowing.

My first post with my brain on blog mode will naturally be about saving money.  I just finished back to school shopping and even with deals I spent a pretty penny.  It's tough to avoid when you have four kids.  Luckily my third child did most of his shopping in his older brother's "too small" bin.  Add a few new shirts and a pair of shoes and he was set.  Worked fabulously.

When you do have to go shopping, there is never a reason to pay full price.  Most times, everything will go on sale.  I worked at Gap Kids several years ago and I loved unpacking the new shipments.  I salivated over every little item.  After working there a few months I realized every adorable item goes on sale if you wait a few weeks.  And with the current trend of putting "Back to School" clothes out in early July, I'm betting you can wait a few weeks for whatever is brand new and uber adorable.

By the time it goes on sale you may actually need it.

When shopping online, check these sites for store coupon codes.  You can usually find free shipping codes and other great moneysaving deals.  BEFORE you pay open another window in your browser, type in these websites and check to see if the store you are about to buy from has any coupon codes.  It takes a few minutes and can save you $$!

Before you head to the mall, check your phone for any store apps you may use.  I downloaded The Children's Place app and have used it every time I'm in the store.  I also have the Auntie Annie's Pretzel app.  In the last four months I have enjoyed more free pretzels from all my points than I have in the past two years.  We have smart phones for a reason.  Use them.

In regard to groceries, browse these sites for printable coupons.  Remember Target will let you use a manufacturer's coupon (from one of the sites below or the paper for example) AND a Target coupon for an item.  This can add up to BIG savings.  If you are confused as to what a manufacturer coupon is and what a store coupon is, no worries it will say it on the coupon. 

Grocery coupon sites:

Some of my other great tips?  Sign up for Target Mobile coupons, use Target Cartwheel (more on those in my Save BIG at Target post!).  Check the Sunday paper for great coupons and sales and try to match your coupons to what is on sale at the store.  These savings really add up!

 Share your great moneysaving tricks in my comments section!  Happy Thursday!

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