Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started

Let's get this party started.
It's football season baby.  

Last night was my younger son's first practice.  Parents lined the fields with lawn chairs and blankets. Siblings ran wild and little boys ran laps in between learning to block, catch and run the ball.  Team moms handed out apparel order forms and coaches sized up their players.

I will never tire of this time of year.  Ever.

While the teams change and the boys grow, some things will always stay the same.  Parents watch practices eagerly awaiting position assignments and little boys daydream while their coaches explain "the holes" and who needs to block who.

They run a few plays and explain again who needs to block who and who needs to run where because if someone doesn't do their job a teammate gets drilled.

Football is truly a team game.  You learn to work hard, practice hard and most importantly be a teammate. There is no star player because anyone who follows football knows that "star player" can't do squat if he doesn't have a hole to run through.  The team can't win if the defense doesn't play hard.  There can be no victory unless all eleven players are in that game playing their hearts out.

There is no kid who shows up to practice and begs to play the line. None.  Yet those lineman make or break every game.  I've seen it year after year.  Every player on a football team has value and a good coach makes sure his team knows it.

There is no room for inflated egos in that huddle.  If only every workplace had the same mentality.

Here's to another season of tiny men playing their hearts out.  Happy Football Season to all the Football Moms out there! 


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