Friday, August 22, 2014

OMG. Did that Just Really Happen?

I'm having a moment.  This morning I put my last baby on the kindergarten bus.  After the bus pulled away I stood there for a good few minutes and I wasn't sure how I felt.  I had a "did that just really happen?" thing going on.  It was a lot to process. I wasn't sure if I was excited for the freedom or devastated my buddy would be gone all day. 

And then I got my shit together, laced up my sneakers and went for a run.

I ran because many years ago, in between my third and fourth babies, I promised myself I would get my mess in order when my last baby went to kindergarten.  This was after I succumbed to eating Goldfish, Pop Tart edges and leftover Eggos.  I sat at night holding babies and in the morning I pushed babies in shopping carts.  Every baby I fell further and further into the yoga pant lifestyle.  I was knee deep in unnecessary calories and I was clinging to the exercise wagon.  I went in spurts, some weeks I was good, some weeks I just couldn't get the sweat in.

Some weeks I really didn't care.

But I promised myself when my last baby was in school, and the mornings were mine, I would get my act together.  I promised myself that one day, when I had five minutes to think, I would do something for myself.

And so this morning, at 8:03am, I went for a run.

It felt fabulous.

And this afternoon, at 3:05pm, I once again felt fabulous because this face emerged from the kindergarten wing.

Life is all about changing seasons.  After 13 years of constantly being needed, my gears are downshifting.  It's scary to think about focusing on me and my yoga pants.  It's easier and more pleasant to focus on my kids.

They're the fun stuff.

But hey, this working and running thing isn't so bad.  Maybe I'll even find time to dry my hair and wear real makeup.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. :) Good for you. I need to hop back on the back really needs me to, but I'm being lazy. With both older kids in school all day now and only Timothy at home, I should be bowflexing during his nap instead of surfing the web and watching an episode on ID. LOL!


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