Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Summer

This is it.  My last day of summer vacation with the kids.  I work the next two days and school starts Thursday.  I'm cursing the thought of an alarm five mornings a week instead of just workdays and packing four lunches every evening.

And homework.  I seriously can't stand homework.  

I'm blessed because this summer was full.  We did more than any other summer.  We vacationed, camped, went to amusement parks and fairs, partied with friends often and we visited family.  We did so much this summer I craved more sitting around and getting bored.

I'm thankful we were so busy because there have been many summers my kids NEED to go back to school. They start poking eachother and telling me playing outside is boring and the pool becomes old news.

The pool is old news but the rest has been few and far between.

This summer, in all our "busy-ness" I learned I can camp.  I can survive without my own toilet for two nights.  I juggled working for the first time and even though there were days it was tough I did it.  My kids learned to be more independent because they had to be.  We vacationed in the Outer Banks with seven other families, sharing a house with three.  We returned home closer than when we left which is a huge blessing.  I'm sure there are people who vacation together and when they return they aren't friends at all.

How wonderful for us that was NOT the case.

Our summer was full.  The current chilly mornings and sweatshirts after the sun goes down is a reminder that fall is creeping up on me.  It's okay.  I'm okay.  I won't be ready for January through April, but I've never claimed to be happy in the cold.  And there is plenty to enjoy before hibernation season commences.

Fall I can handle.  Let the football begin. 

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