Wednesday, September 10, 2014

14 Years Ago...

In May of 1999, I went for my first golf lesson at my dad's country club.  I wasn't thrilled and I wasn't interested in golf.  I went because I was working for my dad, and golf was an important part of his industry.  It's where "business was done."

I walked into the pro-shop, saw the golf pro and suddenly golf was my favorite thing in the world.  And after $300 in lessons, I scored my first date.

Fourteen years ago today, I married him.  And he helped me pick moths out of my giant tulle princess dress during our picture session.  We should have taken that as a warning of all the crazy shit we would have to navigate.  It's been a wild ride.

Happy Anniversary to my one and only.  

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  1. :) I'm sorry I'm so late....but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :) I like hearing people's stories. :)


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