Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reminder Notes

I'm having a moment.  I'm off today after two days of work and and I've already declared today a "get it done day."  The laundry, vacuuming, dishwasher and bed washing.  I need to just get it done so it's gone for a whole day.

Yipee.  One day and then it all is back to where it was needing to be handled.  

Although all of this sounds very exciting, my moment has little to do with my daily grind and more to do with why on Earth my younger son can't get his scatterbrain together.

First, I'm sure to him it's not scattered.  It's functioning wonderful.  It hops from weird thought to weird thought and he entertains us endlessly.  But oh my word that child is forgetful.  His homework at school, his binder this morning, his laundry in his room, his shoes, socks, books and basically anything that isn't exciting doesn't make the "need to remember" cut.

He is both refreshingly laid back and frustrating.  Parenting him is not the same as parenting the other three.  It's an adventure that requires patience, an open mind and a sense of humor.  Truthfully it's quite a ride.  And I welcome all the differences in my children because as I tell them, God made us different on purpose.  The world would be VERY boring if we were all the same.  

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and they all should be celebrated.  Even my son's scatterbrain.  It's wonderful, and it makes me laugh and drives me crazy at the same time.  

I've decided there is only one way to mend this issue.  Reminder notes.  Today I am making several small posters and they will be on the mirror in the bathroom, on his bedroom door, on his dresser with his clothes, and by the door where we wait for the bus.

They will all say things like this:

Do you have what you need for school?  

Do you have your homework in your backpack?  

Did you brush your teeth?  

Do you have your lunch?



I'll keep you posted how this all pans out.  One family meeting and several reminder notes and I hope we'll make some major headway.

Cheers, it's almost the weekend!

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