Monday, September 8, 2014

Season Openers

The last few days have been plentiful.  Food, work, friends, football.  While the calendar may not agree, Fall has arrived.

On Thursday, my older son had his first Jr. High football game of the season.  Yesterday my younger son played his season opener.  While I usually take this opportunity to remind parents and spectators these games are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, and that the players are just little boys, today I'm going a different route.

I'm taking this opportunity to remind myself of a few things.

1.  I need to pack more than four drinks for three people in my cooler when the weather is 75+ degrees and the sun is beating on us.

2.  I also need more than four snacks.

3.  If I neglect to pack appropriate food I need more than $2 in my wallet for the snack bar.

4.  Sunscreen is still needed.

5.  Hugs and Gatorade are needed more than a play by play of what a player did wrong or needs to work on.  After the pajamas are on and the hair is damp from a much needed post game shower position review can commence.  

Until then, keep the critiques to a minimum.  After all, when I look at my pictures I can see clearly they are still just little boys.  Eye black makes them feel tough, and pads make them look "big," but I don't see any whiskers on these tiny faces.

This reminder is for me, my Hubby and every other football mom and dad out there.  We're all works in progress.  Our players are too.  

Happy Monday!

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