Friday, September 19, 2014

Sometimes, Losing is Winning.

I post about football often.

Here comes another one.

Yesterday my son's Junior High team won their first game in over two years.  TWO YEARS.  There is something to be said about kids who don't play on a winning team. There is no glory. There is no boasting. These kids practice the same hours as other teams, they work just as hard in games. They sweat just as much and sacrifice just as much on school nights.  

Yes you have stragglers that don't work hard.  But every team has those.  This post is directed at the kids who still show up, sign up and suit up regardless of their record.  

I've watched my son play through a few win-less seasons, and I'm 100% positive it is MUCH harder to play on a losing team than a winning team.  These kids don't quit.  They still go out there day after day and work for their coaches.  They still put in the time.  Imagine if adults had the same perseverance.  Imagine if every player and every person had the heart of boys and girls that work day after day despite losing records.  

Sports that require every player on the team to do their job in order to succeed are tough.  Skilled athletes amount to very little when the other 10 kids on the field aren't holding up their end of the deal.  

In games like football, playing as a team is the only way to win.  There are no real superstars because superstars can't do their job if the kids playing the "boring" positions don't get the job done.  And sometimes teams take years to come together and figure out how to succeed.

But eventually they do.  The trick is staying dedicated long enough to achieve that success.

There are many people that throw in the towel when life isn't going their way.  Their attitudes stink and it's "poor me."  I've watched kids practice hundreds of hours, lose game after game after game, and yet they still show up.  They still start every game with the belief this one if "the one."

And when that game isn't "the one" they go back to practice and wait for the next game.  There is still pride and confidence.  These kids hold their heads high and put those pads on regardless of what the scoreboard says.

It's called heart.  And this post is for every boy or girl who still shows up even when there isn't much praise or much to boast about.  That's the hard stuff.  That's what builds character.  

Losing is hard; losing with class may be the hardest of all.

Here's to all the kids out there who play for losing teams.  Winning is much sweeter when you've felt what it's like to lose.  Hold your heads high and never stop working.

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