Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Special Person Lunch

Every year the elementary school holds a "Special Person" lunch.  The students are allowed to invite one to two guests to have lunch with them in the cafeteria.  Last year was our first year in the school, and I scurried from lunch to lunch.  Three different lunches, two on one day and one on another day.

I was thrilled to see my kids interacting with classmates and to meet a few friends I hadn't met before.  The "Special Person" lunch was a great insight into the lives of my kids at school.

This year the paper came home and I had concerns.  I'm working now. I wondered how I would get to each lunch when I only get a half hour for lunch every day. As I was asking my kindergartner about the lunch, my "too cool" third grader chimed in that I didn't need to go to his lunch.  While my sixth grader told me the same, her comment was more to ease my pain of getting out of work than to push me away.  But my little guy?  Lately he's just been very wrapped up in being independent and a "big" kid.

I spend many days trying to get him to snuggle in just a little bit.  Most days he doesn't budge.  After some thought I decided to arrange to get to my kindergartener's lunch and abide by the wishes of my third grader.  He was very clear he was good without anyone coming into school.  Truthfully I was convinced and I didn't give it too much thought after our discussion that evening.

This week is "Special Person Lunch" at the school.  Monday Hubby was working local and was willing to get to our little girl's lunch.  I was relieved he was able to join her and that I wouldn't have to rush to the school.  They had a wonderful time, sending me selfies and sharing food.  I was able to stay at work and I was overjoyed Hubby was able to experience something special at the school.

Last night, my third grader was unpacking his lunch pack and he nonchalantly mentioned that I needed to remember that tomorrow is his "Special Person" lunch.  I was shocked.  I responded with a "Hey!  You told me not to come!"

He smiled.

I asked him if he wanted me to go and he told me I couldn't because I'm working.  I told him I would do anything for him.  He smiled again.  Then he told me it didn't matter I could do what I wanted.

I knew right then and there I was hitting up that lunch.  I realized that he is still just nine.  It's easy to forget because he's my third and life gets very chaotic.  But he's not even double digits. He needs mommy hugs and for me to be there at events. 

This morning I got an email from his teacher.  She told me that my little guy was extremely concerned that I didn't know what time lunch was...and that he was worried I'd be standing out by the front desk and no one would help me.

This email made my week.  Mama still mattered after all.

I signed into the school and waited in the hall for my son's class to bring us into the cafeteria.  Out of nowhere my little guy was right with me, smiling ear to ear.  He saw me first and there was no hesitation or annoyance, just happiness radiating from his little body.  My "too cool" kid wasn't too cool at all.  I couldn't believe I almost let him tell me he didn't need me there.

Kids don't know what is best, and I almost let my nine year old tell me he doesn't need anyone to show up.  Every kid needs someone to show up.  Whether it's for games, assemblies, concerts or special person lunches.

Don't let them tell you otherwise.

And always, always make them stop hugging first.  You never know how long they'll need a good squeeze.  It's a scary world out there.

Have a great week! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Halloween Party Ideas (great for all ages!)

My kids LOVE Halloween.  Costumes, candy, scary movies, decorations...they can't get enough.  I love all holidays, and I've always felt creating traditions and memories for my kids was important.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is small and simple "parties" with close friends.

This post is going to focus on Halloween.

Start with a few good friends.  You can go a few routes.  Have one child host and invite a few nearest and dearest (stick to five or less) or have each child invite one and incorporate the whole family.

We went with option A.

This "party" is perfect for Halloween night, or the weekend before or right after.  Keep the party to two hours and have it after lunch or dinner so guests come fed. 

Choose two to three activities.  If you play games have Halloween prizes like slime, candy or a cheap Halloween DVD (you can find these at Target in the Halloween aisles). You can make Haunted Houses (think Gingerbread houses but use gummy worms and Halloween candies and frostings), decorate your own cookies, make masks, play Witches Brew (my favorite Halloween Party game) or bob for apples.

Before the party, make a playlist with Halloween classics like Thriller, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters.

For our party we made Halloween cupcakes and Eyeball Cake Pops. 

For our party you'll need:

PATIENCE.  And now the other important stuff...

Cupcake supplies (liners, mix, two containers of frosting, Halloween candies/sprinkles for decorating)
Plastic knives and black plastic forks.
Napkins and wipes for sticky hands
Halloween Plates
Small paper craft cups (I found mine at Walmart in cake baking aisle)
Bright Halloween stickers
Halloween Cellophane Baggies
Cake Pop supplies (either a kit or cake mix, frosting)
White Candy Melts or white chocolate (2 bags)
Container white frosting
Red food coloring
Festive decorations and tablecloth
Plastic bowls
Candy eye balls (small sugar candies can be found at craft stores)

I set a Halloween table with a tablecloth. I baked cupcakes and had them cool and ready for icing when the guests arrived.  Make cake balls and stick a black plastic fork in each one.  I bought a kit but you can use any cake pop recipe.  Chill in freezer. 

Set a place for every guest at the table with what they will need for cupcake decorating.  Place a plastic bowl with candies and another plastic bowl with frosting and a plastic knife at every station.  This makes all finger licking a non-issue.  Set a small paper cup at every chair and markers and stickers in the middle of the table.

Each guest should decorate 2 cupcakes.

When the guests arrive explain that one cupcake will go home in the paper cup and one can be eaten at the end of the party.  Have them decorate the paper cup and them start on their cupcakes.

After the cupcake decorating, melt white candy melts or white chocolate (candy melts work best) and have each guest dip 2-3 pops, covering cake ball completely. Set on tinfoil lined platter and press candy eyeball on.  After the chocolate sets, heat a cup of white frosting in the microwave for about twenty seconds, and stir in red food coloring.  Drizzle the icing over the "eyeballs"  to make them look bloody.  These are pre-bloody eyeballs.

Individually package goodies in Halloween cellophane baggies to take home.

My best tips are:

BE PREPARED.  Set the stations for each guest if doing crafts, have games ready.
Play great music.
Keep guests to less than 6.
Keep the timeline to 2 hours.

This is just a general guideline of how we do our parties.  I like to leave everything general because there are so many possibilities.  The trick is to keep it simple!  No need for huge costume parties that cause stress and require days on Pinterest to plan.  

Happy Halloween Week!  Get festive! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thirty Five

I wrote this Birthday Song in honor of me a few years ago.  I also created my own birthday picture of myself.
Don't I look happy?  I'm happy because my hat is glowing.  And because it's my birthday.

A Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to me
I love fountain drinks and sweets.
Today I'm going to Target
And playing the lottery.

Happy Birthday to me
Today I'm 35.
Wrinkles and laugh lines
I can't see at night when I drive.

Happy Birthday to me
I have tons and tons of laundry.
All day I work and deal with chaos,
At night I watch TV.

Happy Birthday to me
I love gambling and Disney.
Magic Kingdom and Small World
And black seventeen.

Happy Birthday to me
I'm frugal as can be.
My munchkins are expensive
They spend all our money.

Happy Birthday to me
Thank heavens for friends and family.
I love my parents and siblings
My munchkins and my Hubby.

Happy Birthday to me
I'm cold even when it's ninety degrees.
But tonight I'll be cozy
Because my mom gave me a heated "blankie."

I hope you enjoyed my Birthday Song.

The End.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Learning to Live with the Mess

Life is busy.  With a big family, active and involved kids and a desire to be fully involved in the lives of my active and involved kids I'm learning to accept a few things.

Working Monday through Friday has been a blessing, but it has taken its toll on my house.  Dishes in the sink drive me crazy.  Crap all over my kitchen sends me into a cleaning tailspin.  I've never been good with mess or clutter.  Ugh and UGH.  Nothing makes me calmer than an orderly, fresh smelling house and the sound of nothing.  

Needless to say I'm not uber calm.  I'm getting better, but I have a long way to go.

I'm in the process of evolving, we are all constantly evolving.  The trick is to evolve in a positive manner; to know better and do better. It's easy to drink the "this sucks" kool aide.  Life is hard and life is messy.  But there is a positive side to dishes in the sink.  I have kids that put them there.    

Dishes in the sink is proof life is going on in my home.  It's proof we have food to enjoy.

Football clothes on the bathroom floor are nothing more than a trail of active boys and toys in the living room are a reminder of a little girl with an imagination.  

M house is full.  I'm learning to live with the mess because my house is full.  I can manage keeping the bathrooms clean and getting the laundry done.  The kids help with chores and Hubby is wonderful (usually) about making the bed and sweeping up crumbs.  The house is clean underneath the mess.  I promise.

I'm learning to breathe when a full glass of chocolate milk spills and splatters all over my freshly mopped floor.  I'm reminding myself every day that there is a colossal difference between an accident and my kid throwing a glass of chocolate milk.  The first instance requires nothing more than towels and spray cleaner. There is no need to crush spirits and upset my kids over accidents.

They happen.

Now throwing a glass of chocolate milk?  On my freshly mopped floor?  You best be running and praying I won't catch you.

Since I'm sitting here, wide awake at 6:45am on a Saturday I'm going to tackle Mt. Laundry in the basement. It's proof I have a house full of kids I get to hug every day.  I'm reminding myself that one day the pile won't be as high, and I say with 100% certainty I'd rather have the laundry.  And the spilled chocolate milk.  

I'll take the mess, because I have a kick ass family that comes with it.

Cheers and have a blessed Saturday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Craziest Night of My Life

*Today, on my younger son's 9th birthday, I'm re-posting his birth story, with edits.  Enjoy the ride!*

Seven years ago our third baby was born.  The birth was a terrifying "I can't believe this is happening to me" experience.  In the middle of the night on October 14th, I delivered my baby in the front seat of our car.

At eighteen weeks pregnant with our third baby, we had our 1st ultrasound. I am one of those anal planners who needs to know the sex of my baby.  I love to imagine who they will be and what they will look like.  I shop for clothes and wash everything.  I organize and fold and reorganize and fold.  Then I reorganize again.  And again.  I am a reorganizing fiasco.

The ultrasound technician told us we were having another girl.  With the possibility this was our last baby, I thought a girl would be excellent for the Gymnastics Queen.  Sisters.  Close in age.  But I also felt a twinge of disappointment.  I couldn't imagine raising only one boy.  I might need another baby.  This was a thought I did not share with Hubby.  I break him in slowly with all my crazy.  Little bits at a time.

My pregnancy continued smoothly.  There was never a need for another ultrasound.  By my third trimester, I had stacks of preemie sleepers (I don't grow 'em big) and I had bought bedding for the crib.  I redid the Gymnastic Queen's bedroom for her and her new sister. We had a name (Ella) and a new pink patchwork carseat.  Although something inside me told me not to wash all the clothes.  I saved receipts.  Deep down I just "had a feeling" I shouldn't go crazy washing and preparing.  Mommy instinct was telling me what I needed to know.

At exactly 37 weeks, I awoke around 1am.  I had terrible pain in my stomach.  The pain was different from labor pains; it was strong and intense.  My labors were quick with my first two munchkins, but they always began with gradual pain which then progressed quickly.  Tightening from my back to my front.  This was not labor.  It couldn't be.  I tried to walk it off, but it got worse.  I showered, drank water and went to the bathroom.  Thirty minutes later I woke my Hubby.  The pain was excruciating.  My exact words to him were, "I don't think I'm in labor.  But something is wrong.  We have to go to the hospital."

Hubby jumped out of bed and he called a friend to stay at the house.  I called my midwife while Hubby grabbed a quick shower. "Gail, I'm in pain..it's bad...."

"Ok, I'm on my way.  But Jodie, if you can't make it you need to go to the nearest hospital..."

Those words hung in my head.  Not make it?  Who doesn't make it to the hospital?

But Gail, having delivered the Gymnastics Queen, knew me.  She could hear it in my voice.  She had delivered 999 babies.  That was the exact number.  She knew what she was doing, and she thought I might not make to the hospital in time.

By the time we were leaving, about ten minutes later (this is 1 hour after my first pain woke me), I could barely walk.  The pain in my stomach was so intense I felt like I was being ripped apart.  Literally.  There were small breaks for me to breathe, but this couldn't be labor.  Labor had contractions with minutes in between.  Not seconds.  I sat on the floor in silence.  All I could do was breathe.  Hubby stood over me, and asked if we should really leave.  I shot him the hairy eyeball.  What on Earth else would we do?

Hubby called our friend and he was on our street.  I managed to walk to the car, and we waited at the end of the driveway.  Our friend flashed his lights as he came into view.  Hubby pulled out and we headed for the hospital.

The hospital was a thirty minutes away.  Hubby drove in silence and I breathed.  About five minutes from our house was a small local hospital.  We were driving past it when Hubby looked over at me in the dark.  "Do you want me to pull in?"

I was silent.  I was in pain.  I couldn't speak.

"Jodie! Do you want me to pull in?"

I whispered yes.  My stomach was being ripped from the inside, the stabbing pains were agonizing.  But as we were about to pull into the parking lot, I had an ounce of relief.  I thought about my midwife, who I adored.  I thought about my planned water birth.  I began to shake my head no. "No...no...keep driving...I can make it...."

"Are you sure?" Hubby hid his panic well.

"Yes. Get on the highway."  Hubby did as I asked.  The highway to the hospital only had exits every few miles, and we were in a rural area.

Only five minutes in, I felt pressure.  I felt the baby's head.  I began to cry.

Hubby looked at me and he knew we were in trouble.  The highway was black; no one for miles.  I whimpered to him, "You have to call 911. The baby is coming.  You have to call 911."

This is where Hubby amazed me.  There was no hesitation.  I waited for an "Are you serious?" but there was none.  He called 911 and kept his composure. He will never know how much gratitude I felt for his moment of composure.

As Hubby dialed 911, I sat in silence. I breathed.  My water hadn't broken.  I knew I had time.  I felt pressure, but we had time.  I rocked in my seat, "I have time...I have time..."  the words soothed me as I said them in my head.

Hubby told the 911 operator he was pulling off exit 12.  Hubby went to work every day on that highway and he knew it well.  Exit 12 was a mile away, and there was a State Police Barracks there.  The operator assured us a police officer would meet us outside.  We were going to be okay.

But as Hubby pulled off the exit,  there was splash of warmth down my legs.  My water broke.  I started to break down, yelling and crying.  "My water broke....my water broke...."  I was panicked and afraid.  We were out of time.

Hubby pulled into the State Police Barracks seconds later.  He threw the car in park.  Three things then happened simultaneously.  I heard Hubby tell the 911 Operator "There's no one here!  There's no one here!", he ran around to my side of the car, and I threw my seat in recline.  By the time Hubby opened my door I was pushing.  On that cold October night, we were alone and Hubby was ready to deliver our baby.

The operator talked Hubby through the mechanics of delivery.  I don't remember any of it except him removing his sweatshirt to wrap our newborn in.  I went from sheer panic and fear, to nothing except my desire to push.  All of my births were natural, this was just a whole different scenario.  I pushed my baby into this world with such determination I remember nothing other than my focus.

After three pushes our baby was born.  In the front seat of our minivan Hubby caught the baby and untangled the cord from its neck.  I remember relief.  Just relief from the agonizing, gut wrenching intense pain.  I laid back and relished that moment of relief.  Somewhere through my cloud of "what the heck just happened to me?" I heard my Hubby, "Holy sh*# Jodie, it's a BOY!"

I knew I was supposed to be shocked and amazed, but at that moment it could have been a puppy and I wouldn't have cared.  There was so much for me to take in I couldn't absorb it.  Hubby wrapped the tiny precious person in his sweatshirt and placed him in my arms.  I sat in the front seat of my car, in the middle of no where, staring at my new baby boy.  After a few wails to let us know he was alright, he slept quietly in my arms.

Two policeman may have caught the end of my delivery, but I couldn't have cared less with all the pain I was in.  An EMT arrived minutes after them and they stayed with us and monitored our vitals.  I just sat, in shock, holding my new munchkin.

While I waited for the ambulance I reached down into my purse and grabbed my cell phone.  I dialed the only two people I would ever call at a moment like that: my parents.  They were en route to the hospital.  My mom answered.

My voice was weak as I tried to talk.  "Hey mom, I just had the baby, I'm in the car, and its a boy." (Yes I am strange enough to make a phone call at a moment such as that one).

She thought I was joking.  Car? A BOY? Not until she heard the ambulance pulling in did she scream to my father, "OH MY! Jodie had the baby in the car! It's a boy! The ambulance just got there!"

From this moment on I remember the EMT cutting the cord, and I remember the bright lights of the ambulance.  Hubby followed in his car.  I remember asking repeatedly about my baby and if he was alright.  I was euphoric and eternally grateful as the reality of what just happened began to set in.  At only 5lbs 13oz, born with the cord wrapped around his neck in the front seat of the car, we were healthy.

The aftermath of the birth was the front seat of our car being destroyed (as you can imagine) and we now had an abundance of baby girl attire to return. We also had no name for our new baby.

The next morning, as I gazed at our new son, Hubby arrived with my two other munchkins at the hospital.  We decided to name him for the shop across the street from the police barracks.  I'm eternally grateful that store wasn't Walmart or Sears.  And his name fits him well, even though it wasn't my first choice.

Tonight, looking back, the whole experience is still very surreal.  Aside from my memories and our 911 recording, we have a birth certificate that states "Parking Lot" as place of birth.  We don't have any video other than a few minutes of me holding LLG in the front seat of the car.  We don't even have an accurate birth time.

But we have LLG.  And he certainly lives up to his entrance into this world.  Crazy and loving, yet at the end of the day quite peaceful.

Happy 7th Birthday LLG!

You have been shocking us from before you were even born...truly one of a kind.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birth Orders and Forgotten Assignments.

My first child is, as I call him, "the product of all my perfect parenting."  This is obviously not the case because I've never parented perfectly.  There is no such animal.

My first child lived on a schedule.  He ate all the baby foods and I even made some from scratch.  He was clean (still is), his clothes matched and he was taught his manners every waking hour of every day.  I taught him the alphabet when he was two and we practiced writing for an hour every day when he was four.  We watched holiday movies and read holiday books and did holiday crafts.  

What I'm saying is that I put a lot of effort into parenting him.  I still do. Except these days all my efforts are spread thin over four kids.  And when I look back at how wonderfully I tried to parent my oldest, I see how tough he had it as well.

All of my energy went to him.  He was the sole focus.

We were much harder on him than we are on our fourth.  Things that I don't worry about now I worried about then, and I can think of many instances when I wish I just let something go.  I fretted about him making his bed every morning and reading every night before bed.  He was in bed on time and there was very little flexibility when it came to manners and obedience.

Fast forward three kids.  My youngest gets in bed a half hour before my three older kids.  Sometimes she falls asleep on the couch next to me as we watch The Voice.  Meals are on the go or eaten before practice four nights a week.  Manners still matter (x4 kids) and homework is a must.  But I've learned that the kids are okay if they eat a donut for breakfast.  They can be tardy for school.  Every day?  No.  But once or twice a year when they (or I) need extra sleep?  Yes.  Life goes on.

My oldest is an incredibly responsible kid.  He is an independent student and if I need him ready at 5pm he is ready at 5pm.  Usually he's ready at 4:30.  He is a fabulous example for my younger kids.  My third child has forgotten homework twice at school this year and he went to lunch this week and left his lunchbox in his classroom.

Oh, and he never handed in his picture form on picture day.  I emptied his folder that night asking about how he smiled and there it was, my check and the background selection staring me right in the face.

I would have crumbled if this happened with my oldest.  If all of this happened in the same month like it just did with my third I would have sworn we needed an intervention.  But these days we handle it and move on.  And just as my oldest is super responsible my youngest two kids are super adaptable.  My second is more like my oldest, with more of a desire to be social and a habit of giggling.  My efforts are spread over four kids and they get everything I can give.  I pour everything I have into my babies, and the chips fall where they fall.

Sometimes they have to wait an extra few minutes at pickup but it's good for them.  Life is messy, and at our house they're learning it firsthand.

We do the best we can as parents.  Most importantly we do the best we can in the circumstances we're in at any given moment.  We're not perfect and our kids aren't perfect.  Our kids are products of their environment and as long as that environment oozes love and support they'll survive.

They'll survive if their pants are too short, their bangs are too long and even if they forget to hand in picture forms.

It's a rocky ride, and I've learned the more kids you have and the more activities they're involved in the less the little stuff matters.  It's much easier to prioritize.

It's a blessing.  Matching socks and spotless floors are so overrated.  With my oldest on the right path I'm confident my next three will follow suit.  Yes they'll have more tardies and forget one or two assignments, but at the end of the day we have what matters.  And I've learned to drink it in and just breathe.

Most of the time anyway.

Happy Sunday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Walt Disney World (early) 2015 Discounts

Tis' the season.  The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and Christmas decor is out in full force depsite the fact it isn't even Halloween yet.

Most importantly, Walt Disney World has announced some pretty nifty travel deals for early 2015.  This is my favorite travel window, if you vacation in Disney in early March you miss Spring break madness but catch some nice weather.  It's a win-win.

For help with booking or planning a vacation I highly recommend Destinations in Florida.  If you just need help with packing and planing each day with small kids in tow, check out my book, Walt Disney World Tips n' Tricks on Amazon.  I promise it will calm your trip planning nerves. 

The popular Stay Play and Dine offer is back for travel December 14-20 2014 & January 5-March 7 2015. This is a bundle discount that offers a little bit off everything in the package. A minimum stay of 3 nights and 2 day tickets is required. Remember the only requirement to book a package is a $200.00 deposit, and the balance must be paid in full 45 days prior to arrival.

Sweet deal for those who don't have the money to pay in full at the time of booking the trip.

Booking Window 

10/6-12/29/2014 for Disney Visa Holders ONLY

10/9-12/29/2014 for General Public

Excluded Resorts Art of Animation Little Mermaid Rooms, Grand Floridian Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Poly Villas, Campsites and 3 bedroom Villas

There is also a Room Only Discount for travel January 5-March 28, 2015. Keep in mind that this is based on availability and all resorts may not have rooms available for your travel dates at a discount rate.

All Star Sports, All Star Music, Pop Century and Art Of Animation Family Suites 15% off on weekends, 20% off on weekdays

All Star Movies 10% off on weekends, 15% off on weekdays

Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach, POR-Riverside, Wilderness Cabins 20% off on weekends, 25% off on weekdays

Port Orleans French Quarter 10% off on weekends, 15% off on weekdays

Coronado Springs Suites 10% off all nights

Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Polynesian, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge {standard and pool view only at AKL} 30% off all nights

Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level and Savanna View 20% off all nights

Deluxe Suites at all Deluxe Resorts 10% off

Villa Resorts:
Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Beach Club, Boardwalk Villas, Wilderness Lodge Villas 30% off all nights

Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo and Kidani 20% off

Excluded Resorts Grand Floridian Villas, Campsites, Grand Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Art of Animation Little Mermaid Rooms, Villas at Polynesian and 3 bedroom Villas

Contact your Destinations in Florida Agent today if you need more information about this promotion! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What I've Been Up To...

It's been awhile since I've posted.  Fall and everything that goes along with it has me extremely preoccupied. Along with football practices and games (x2) and gymnastics practices, homework, house cleaning and laundry I've started a new job.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I was offered a job in a school system.  I no longer have to worry about driving on snow days and working weekends.  I'm at work when the kids are in school and when there is no school I'm home.

I work three weeks in the summer, and a few days here and there that don't coincide with my kids' schedules.  But for school holidays, snow days and vacations I'm home.  I've been blessed immensely, because this is always what I've wanted as a parent.  There is nothing more important to me than being home for my kids, and working a job that suits our family.  

Along with starting a new gig we've been at football games and cursing common core homework.  I've been working on who is going to be what for Halloween and what my younger son wants for his birthday.  

And last night, we went to a wedding.

It was a-dor-a-able.  There is something very different about second marriages and weddings when the couple is a little older.  The entire evening was laid back and no fuss.  Everything was completely authentic to the bride and groom and their families.  The night involved dancing, homemade food and cowboy boots. Speeches by the bride's twelve year old son and self serve drinks.  There was nothing over the top, and to say the least everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

And when the wedding was over?  We all helped the bride and groom clean up the wedding venue.  There is nothing like good friends.

Speaking of which, I had another set of good friends hold down the fort at my house.  Knowing my kids were taken care of while we were out made the night even more enjoyable. 

Cheers to good friends, and have a great Sunday!