Saturday, October 18, 2014

Learning to Live with the Mess

Life is busy.  With a big family, active and involved kids and a desire to be fully involved in the lives of my active and involved kids I'm learning to accept a few things.

Working Monday through Friday has been a blessing, but it has taken its toll on my house.  Dishes in the sink drive me crazy.  Crap all over my kitchen sends me into a cleaning tailspin.  I've never been good with mess or clutter.  Ugh and UGH.  Nothing makes me calmer than an orderly, fresh smelling house and the sound of nothing.  

Needless to say I'm not uber calm.  I'm getting better, but I have a long way to go.

I'm in the process of evolving, we are all constantly evolving.  The trick is to evolve in a positive manner; to know better and do better. It's easy to drink the "this sucks" kool aide.  Life is hard and life is messy.  But there is a positive side to dishes in the sink.  I have kids that put them there.    

Dishes in the sink is proof life is going on in my home.  It's proof we have food to enjoy.

Football clothes on the bathroom floor are nothing more than a trail of active boys and toys in the living room are a reminder of a little girl with an imagination.  

M house is full.  I'm learning to live with the mess because my house is full.  I can manage keeping the bathrooms clean and getting the laundry done.  The kids help with chores and Hubby is wonderful (usually) about making the bed and sweeping up crumbs.  The house is clean underneath the mess.  I promise.

I'm learning to breathe when a full glass of chocolate milk spills and splatters all over my freshly mopped floor.  I'm reminding myself every day that there is a colossal difference between an accident and my kid throwing a glass of chocolate milk.  The first instance requires nothing more than towels and spray cleaner. There is no need to crush spirits and upset my kids over accidents.

They happen.

Now throwing a glass of chocolate milk?  On my freshly mopped floor?  You best be running and praying I won't catch you.

Since I'm sitting here, wide awake at 6:45am on a Saturday I'm going to tackle Mt. Laundry in the basement. It's proof I have a house full of kids I get to hug every day.  I'm reminding myself that one day the pile won't be as high, and I say with 100% certainty I'd rather have the laundry.  And the spilled chocolate milk.  

I'll take the mess, because I have a kick ass family that comes with it.

Cheers and have a blessed Saturday!


  1. A wonderful and positive attitude. That's a must with a busy family. Enjoy!

  2. That's a wonderful way to look at it. Maybe I should try looking at messes like that too.....they are there because it means my house has happy children residing within. But ohhhhhh my how I've never been good with messes or clutter either. UGH! :)


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