Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thirty Five

I wrote this Birthday Song in honor of me a few years ago.  I also created my own birthday picture of myself.
Don't I look happy?  I'm happy because my hat is glowing.  And because it's my birthday.

A Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to me
I love fountain drinks and sweets.
Today I'm going to Target
And playing the lottery.

Happy Birthday to me
Today I'm 35.
Wrinkles and laugh lines
I can't see at night when I drive.

Happy Birthday to me
I have tons and tons of laundry.
All day I work and deal with chaos,
At night I watch TV.

Happy Birthday to me
I love gambling and Disney.
Magic Kingdom and Small World
And black seventeen.

Happy Birthday to me
I'm frugal as can be.
My munchkins are expensive
They spend all our money.

Happy Birthday to me
Thank heavens for friends and family.
I love my parents and siblings
My munchkins and my Hubby.

Happy Birthday to me
I'm cold even when it's ninety degrees.
But tonight I'll be cozy
Because my mom gave me a heated "blankie."

I hope you enjoyed my Birthday Song.

The End.

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  1. Omg, HAHA! I absolutely love it! :) Is today your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday Beautiful Mama.


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