Sunday, November 30, 2014

Family Craft: Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love this craft.  It requires little supplies, isn't a huge time sucker and the kids love them.  We made these two years now, the first go a few years ago and the second this past weekend.  The end result is always adorable and perfect for the tree.

You'll need:

Large "Popsicle" craft sticks
One bag regular size Popsicle craft sticks, broken into assorted sizes
Green paint
Ribbon or small wood stars painted yellow for tops of trees
Craft gems
Green glitter
Craft wire (if you don't have craft wire I recommend using the wire ties that come on most loaves of bread.  They are the perfect size and free!)
Wood glue or glue gun (glue gun is fast which is my preference)
paint brushes, paper plates and newspaper for clean craft areas!

Prepare your craft area.  Have kids assemble a "tree" using largest sticks on bottom and working smaller as they go up.

Use a glue gun if you have one to glue sticks to large popsicle stick.  Have the kids paint the tree green.

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle green glitter.

When the tree dries, add gems.

Use glue gun to add star or ribbon to top of tree and add wire to back for hanging.

Love it?  Pin it below!

Happy Almost December 1st!

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