Sunday, November 2, 2014


1. Today is our last football game.  While it's my favorite season, and I love watching my kids play, the snow flurries and wind gusts will make it much easier to bring on basketball season.

2.  I neglected to post for Halloween this year.  This is 90% because I went to upload my Halloween pictures and there was no CF card in the camera and 10% because I was exhausted.

Courtesy of my bestie, I have a picture of my youngest walking in the school's Halloween parade.  Hubby did get pictures of this, but that CF card I have yet to upload.  

I'm only human.

3.  Halloween Eve was spent at my older son's last football game, which in our town was also Trick-or-Treat.  My youngest waited patiently as Sleeping Beauty until my son walked off the field at 7pm.  We busted home and hit about 12 houses before gathering my two middle children from good friends.  

Last babies seriously get the shaft.  This is why mom's baby them.  We're compensating for all the crap they don't get to do and we know one day they'll realize it all and call us on it.

We better have something good to explain it all, such as "Yes but we bought you waaaaaayyyyy more toys and tied your shoes until you were ten!"  

Halloween day I worked and our town hosted the last varsity football game of the season.

I stayed home in my pajamas.

4.  My Halloween post was going to be about handling all the Halloween Candy and what candy is the worst as far as chemicals and sugar.  Here is the condensed version:

Every child gets a sandwich sized zip lock baggie.  Write their name on it.  They can fill it with as much candy that will fit.  This is now their candy to eat and have as they wish.  Whether they want a piece a day for the next fifteen days or fifteen pieces in the next twenty four hours the choice is theirs.  This gives them ownership over their candy and freedom to enjoy it.  The rest of the candy disappears.  Gone.  

And don't eat skittles.   

5. Working full time is kind of cramping my blogging style, my baking style and my anything other than homework, lunch packing, child snuggling, laundry and vacuuming style.  

Only the necessities.  I'm holding out hope I will fall into a routine and my creative juices will start to flow again once my body is over the shock of Monday-Friday, 8-4.

Happy Sunday all!  Stay warm!

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