Monday, December 15, 2014

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Christmas is approaching. I’m in the middle of all my Christmas prep, and every night I get into bed thinking, “I really need to get in the basement and wrap some presents…or bake some cookies...I need to stay up and accomplish something! Definitely tomorrow…”
We’re under two weeks out, and while my main shopping is done my shopping isn’t done. This is because I put so much focus on my kids and family, that the week before Christmas I panic and remember the teachers, neighbors, friends who have helped me throughout the year and co-workers.
Yes, I said it. Co-workers. I’m still getting used to this working thing. I’ve balanced work and home very well since I’m home within an hour of when my kids get home from school. But still it’s an adjustment. I miss the the extra time to do laundry and make dinner. The extra time to shop in peace (at 10am) and the time to sweep and run the dishwasher.
I get it all done and then realize I’ve ignored my blog for too long. My sweet baby. My blog that I started four years ago and poured my heart into. I taught myself everything that is on these pages, and unfortunately most days the blog has to wait.
But that’s okay. It’s mine and I get to make the rules. With less time on my hands, I have to make every minute count with my kids. I have to get underwear clean and lunches made. And by the time I power on the laptop? Sometimes my creative energies are about zip.
This Christmas, I may be around a tad less. I’m relishing the wrapping and the movies. The baking and the music. I’m snuggling with babies and laughing with friends. I’m thinking of all of you too, wishing you are all doing the same.
We’re less than two weeks out, and the days will fly by in the blink of an eye.
Did you eat some rye?
I love your new tie!
Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Anyone else ever see Happy Gilmore?
Anywho, drink it up. Breathe it in. It’s a wonderful time of year and it’s time to eat, drink and be merry. Shut down the computer and put on It’s a Wonderful Life. Power down the phone and make some cookies with the kids.
Less screen time, more family time. Now that would be the best gift of all.


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  1. :) Cute photo. How is it already half way through December? Christmas movie with snuggle time is my favorite!!


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