Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Winter Self vs. My Summer Self

Lately I've realized my winter self and my summer self are two totally different animals.  I'm going to break it down below:

Summer self: Tees and breezy light clothes.
Winter self:  Parkas, jeans and wondering how many layers I can fit under a sweater.  I try for three.

Summer self: Fresh air and sunshine.  As much as possible.
Winter self:  Sunshine through glass windows. Do I really have to go somewhere?

Summer self:  Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Winter self:  Carbs.  All. Day Long.

Summer self: Running and exercise.
Winter self:  Shivering is all the calorie burn I need.

Summer self:  Tanned, freckled skin.
Winter self:  Is that a mirror? Bleck.

Summer self: Barbecues and eating out.
Winter self:  Take out.  Delivery.  Anything other than getting back into my frozen car.

Summer self:  Showered, dressed and wondering how much I can squeeze into a day.
Winter self: Pajamas and squeezing into jeans.

I'm thankful I have two seasons to transition into my two totally different entities because my family probably couldn't keep up if the switch was made overnight.  

As I write this, I'm actually hoping for a little snow.  At dawn.  Just enough to get that golden two hour delay. Mama could use the Zzzzz's.

Happy almost hump day!

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