Monday, January 19, 2015

Finding the Magic in Winter

January is crawling along.  Every year, Christmas ends and January arrives and by March 1st I feel like I might go insane.  I yearn for warm sunshine and fresh air.  I start to get such bad cabin fever I'm willing to charge vacations I can't afford just to remedy the situation.

Don't worry I always cave.  I plan the whole vacation and then something inside of me is still smart enough not to pull the trigger.

This year I'm trying something new.  I'm making every effort to embrace the winter season.  It's a time to slow down and recharge.  There is no other time of year pajamas are quite as useful.  Snuggling with my kids to keep warm is a nightly occurrence.  Comfort foods and crock pots become essential to my well-being.

I've decided these are all good things.  It's not so bad spending time inside and setting the DVR.  There is something magical about snow falling and an early sunset.  Little things like getting in a warm car become big things.  And this winter rather than bitch and want to claw my eyes out I'm realizing there are bits and pieces of this season that aren't so bad.

I'm learning to love the sweatpants and appreciate the early nights.  My feet adore warm boots and there is nothing like a soft oversized sweater.  When the sun is out and the air is warm we run all day long.  This time of year?  We run much less.  When the weather is bad we're forced to stop and stay home.  All of us.  

And that's when memories are made.

Before we know it we'll be firing up the barbecue with friends around us celebrating the start of summer.  And maybe, just maybe enduring these long, cold months will make that first barbecue so much sweeter.

Stay warm.  Snuggle.  Call it a night early.  That's what gets us through until the warmth returns.  Having an excuse to stay home isn't such a bad thing.  We need it every once in awhile.

It's all about attitude. 

Cheers and have a blessed week!

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