Monday, March 9, 2015

Dinner on the Run

I’ll be honest. We eat fast food. I’ve long held on to the belief that moderation is key, and with the chaotic schedule my family keeps, there are nights a drive thru is the best option. Between working until 4pm and running my kids to practices until 8pm (sometimes later) I need to be very prepared if I’m going to have a dinner ready in advance.
This doesn’t happen often.
On the nights we need a quick dinner, I do try to make the best choice when it comes to the almighty drive thru. To save money I have the kids share meals, and we skip buying everyone a beverage. We take the food home and we have drinks from our fridge, add sliced apples and get to the homework and lunch packing for the next day.
It's a rare evening we are home from after school until bedtime. With four kids all involved in sports, we usually have somewhere to be or someone to pick up.
Since I'm always looking for easy meals on the run, I’m thrilled to announce KFC (a family favorite over here) debuted Popcorn Chicken Nuggets. These nuggets aren’t molded and shaped. They are made from 100% white meat and they actually resemble chicken. They taste like chicken. And my kids LOVE them. I do too.
Truthfully, ever since trying them I'm staging a "nugget-vention." No more molded nuggets. No more processed chicken that never goes bad. I'll take KFC's Popcorn Chicken with a biscuit any day of the week. One container will satisfy my hungry kids, and it's perfect for nibbling in the car. These nuggets are freshly prepared and crispy and there is no comparison to other nuggets we've tried over the years.
It makes me wonder what the heck my kids have really been eating.
From now on, if you see someone you love eating nuggets that don't even look like actual chicken, step in. Suggest an alternative. Get to your nearest KFC because once you've tried their Popcorn Chicken nuggets you will never go back.
True story.
When have you or a friend needed a nugget-vention?
This is a KFC-sponsored post for BlogHer. All opinions are 100% my own. 
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