Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Treats

I have Easter on the brain.  I’m busy stuffing plastic eggs and looking for goodies to fill those Easter baskets.  We like to celebrate holidays on a larger scale, since our kids don’t receive much throughout the year unless it is needed.  Their big chances for new anythings are birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

Oh, and of course back to school time. 

For us Easter involves plenty of sweet treats for the family.  We buy candy, make candy and eat candy.  We enjoy a delicious brunch with waffles and whipped cream.  We go 100% for a full day and worry about the calories on Monday.

Recently I had the opportunity to sample Sugarbowl Bakery, a family-owned bakery that sells products through retailers nationwide.  On their website you can find top quality recipes (love this!) and links with information on where to purchase their products.  I was floored with how rich and chewy their brownies are, and even more floored  they’re all cholesterol-free, have zero grams of trans fat, and have no preservatives.

As a parent I love knowing I can read all the ingredients on a box.  It definitely helps me sleep better at night.

Another favorite Easter treat?  The bunny cake.  We make one every year, and I’ve blogged about the cake before.  It’s a great family tradition that the kids absolutely love.

Happy Almost Easter!

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