Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being Mom

I'm late to the Mother's Day posting.  I've been so busy being a mom I forgot to post something meaningful and thought provoking.  I'm so overwhelmed working, lunch packing, homework helping, kitchen cleaning, baseball driving, carpool juggling and laundry washing that I have once again missed out on a blogging opportunity.


(Balls has replaced f*ck because my munchkins have implemented a swear chart. And now all day I'm tossing "Balls!" around as an expletive.  It works.)

Back to my original intended post.  Moms.

I have a serious passion in my heart for being a mother.  I can't remember myself before I became a mother almost 14 years ago.  I feel like a new page was turned and everything that happened before that day was "Part 1" of a life story.

I have been living in "Part 2" for over a decade.  And truthfully I can't imagine myself anywhere else.  My kids light my world; raising them is my passion, my life's work.  I am certain of this.  Everything I do I do for my kids, and I am not ashamed or concerned that maybe I am lame for not having a bigger purpose.

There is no bigger purpose.  NONE.  I brought four tiny humans into this world and every ounce of my being is consumed with loving them.  My heart and days are full because of them.  I am thankful because even though this is a freaking exhausting, thankless job some days, I am forever changed because of my kids.  I am self-less, and I can say with certainty there is no other person on this planet that understands what I am saying better than another mom.

There was a time I thought about myself.  I worried about crap that today I wouldn't even blink my eyes over.  Being a mother has showed me what is important, what is worth worrying about and what is worth my energy.

And it's a lot less than I ever imagined was possible 14 years ago.

As much as I do for my kids, they do more for me.  They have showed me how to laugh and be young again.  How to slow down and the importance of a good snuggle.  They have opened my heart and my soul and jumped inside, and I am forever changed. 

Our most important work is going to be who we send into the world, and this work doesn't come with a paycheck. But it does come with more happiness and love than money could ever buy. 

Cheers to all the Mamas.  Keep marching.  Keep wearing mom clothes and ignoring that much needed manicure.  There's important work to be done, and one day we will have more than enough time to get that mani/pedi.  We may even be sane enough to remember we have coupons clipped in our purse for the items we're buying.

One day, we will have our sh*t together.  These days?  It's all about giving my kids what they need and finding solace in my wonderful mom friends who "get it."  It's about breathing through chaos and watching the little moments, like watching our kid learn to swim, be the big moments.

Whether we work full time, part time, or we stay home with our kids, we are all united in being mamas.  And we do what we need to survive the journey.  Hugs to all of us.

Happy Mother's Day.  Stay awesome Mamas.

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