Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Incredible Lemon: 7 Household Uses You Need to Know

The wonder of the lemon.  It’s something I never thought about until recently.

While browsing online for all natural face mask materials, I came across a very simple recipe for a lemon and honey mask.  The recipe mentioned how the vitamin C would brighten my skin, and I started to wonder what else this amazing fruit can do.  I love finding easy and affordable ways to cut back on toxins in my home, and along with Borax, Baking Soda, Vinegar and toothpaste I’m adding lemons to my household necessities.
I already use lemon in my water (when I remember) and to keep apple slices from browning, but I searched and there are many wonderful ways to utilize a lemon.
Below I am listing 7 of my favorites.    

1.        Nails
After a day pulling weeds or dying Easter eggs my nails look like something out of a horror film.  Recently I tried soaking my fingertips in a mixture of lemon juice and water.  Just a few minutes was enough to brighten my nail beds and remove grime.
Soak even longer to remove spots and nasty stains.
2.       Keep Produce from Browning
I have used this trick for several years.  My kids love apple slices, but are not fans of browned apple slices.   I don’t like the price of bagged apple slices.  I needed a happy medium.
The citrus in the lemon keeps produce from browning, and it doesn’t alter the taste.  I slice apples, sprinkle lemon juice on them, and my kids open their lunches to normal looking apple slices they’ll actually eat.
3.       Cleaning
Lemon water with a little salt is a fabulous cleaner for barbeque grills and the grates.  Lemon water can also remove smells and stains in Tupperware.  We’ve all saved spaghetti and suffered through the eternal smell of sauce in those grimy orange containers.  Suffer no more.  Tupperware stays clean and stink free with a little lemon soak.
I love not using harsh cleaners where my family’s food is prepared or saved.
4.       Brighten Whites
A cup of lemon added to a load of whites will brighten and clean just as well as bleach.  And it smells better.
5.       Sore Throat Soother
I’ve used this one many a times.  Add some lemon to hot water and sip for a sore throat.  The lemon will soothe the throat and also help rid the mouth of bacteria.
6.       The Face Mask
Mixing lemon and honey is a fabulous face mask.  Organic ingredients are of course preferred, but not necessary .  The vitamin C brightens your complexion (and helps lighten spots) and the honey is a moisturizer and acne preventer.  Try ½ cup lemon water and 1 tbsp raw honey.
Spread on face and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse and pat dry.
7.        Natural Wood Polish
A great chemical free polish for your wood is 1 cup olive oil and ½ cup lemon juice.  Cleans and shines, and no harsh ingredients.
Share your uses for lemons in the comments section, I’d love to hear them!
*This post is intended to informational purposes only.  Trying any of these uses for lemon is at your own risk*

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