Friday, June 5, 2015

10 Free Summer Activities (for kids!)

I know how summer goes. The first three weeks, pure awesomeness.  The next three weeks, it's time to start planning excursions because awesomeness is wearing off.  The last two weeks?  Boredom.  No one wants to swim or play outside. Even though I dread lunch packing and homework checking I know it's time to get back to school.

The house starts to get crowded and kids need more structure.

In the meantime, before summer gets old, try these activities to keep the kids busy.  Easy, cheap and fun!

1.  Movie night!  Set aside a night for a movie with the family.  Everyone must attend.  Pop popcorn, make sundaes and watch a movie the whole family will enjoy.  Even better?  Find a projector and watch the movie under the stars!

2.  Plant a garden.  Give each child a fruit or vegetable to plant and water.  When the garden gets going, bring extra fruit and veggies to friends and family.

3.  Obstacle course!  Set up a fun obstacle course in the backyard.  Use anything you have; boxes, balls, Frisbees, your pool, bikes...imagination is key!  Get a timer and finish the afternoon with Popsicles.

 4.  Story hour.  For little ones, settle down after a hot afternoon with storytime.  Similar to the library, choose a book and discuss the characters and story.  Read and make a craft.  

5.  Homemade slip and slide!   Do you have a large clean tarp in the garage?  Or a tarp you could clean and use as a slip and slide?  Find a flat (or even better slightly downhill) area of your yard.  Look for sticks and rocks and clear as much as possible. Secure the tarp with plastic stakes and grab the hose.  Keep kids in the middle and get the hose going!!  Watch the kids slip and slide all afternoon.  

6.  Picnic.  Pack a basket, grab a blanket and a cooler.  Find a park and have a picnic!

7.  Play cards.  Teach your kids to play cards.  Put away all the electronics and try Go Fish, Crazy Eights or even some Gin Rummy!

8.  Go for a walk or a bike ride.  So simple, and yet so many of us forget to take our kids on walks/rides.  Try after dinner, and get the conversations flowing.

9.  Cardboard fun!  You know all those giant cardboard boxes that appliances or large deliveries come in?  Save them!  Cut out windows, put the box out in the grass, and give your kiddos paint brushes and paint.  Let them paint and decorate their own playhouse.  They'll be busy for hours.

10.  Be tourists.  Treat your town like a tourist.  Think of all the local places you've never been, such as historical sites, parks, playgrounds and even the library.  Explore a new place every week and watch how much fun you without ever going far from home!

Have a happy, safe and wonderful summer!


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