Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heart Pangs and Cloud Watching

My kids are getting older.  Every day this fact is smacking me in the face.

I was shopping with my mom yesterday and we walked by baby clothes.  The kind of clothes that are meant for diaper butts and constant washes.  My heart felt that subtle pang.  No more babies for us.  Our "baby" is almost six, and I really need to stop treating her like a baby or we're going to have some serious issues.

My oldest is forgoing our family vacation to go to football camp with his team.  I never even thought this would be a possibility yet it's what he decided to do.  More pangs.  

Life is cruising along, and I need to slow down.  Maybe sweep the floor less.  Every morning I wake up and my kids are another day older.  Our home has gone from toys in every room to toys just in the playroom, and our cabinets are sippy cup free.  

We're in a phase that is in constant motion.  When my kids were toddlers and babies the days crawled along.  It was at times be lonely and isolating, and I remember it vaguely.  Today I can't even think past the end of the week.  I focus on getting everything done as needed; if I try to think too far out my head my explode.  Every day we're picking up and dropping off, seeing friends and making more plans.  

I'm grateful, because life is full.  I'm in a new stage of raising babies, and it's still rewarding and it's still filled with love.  I sleep every night (usually) and I only have one booster seat left in the van.

No more fighting with the five point harness.

This parenting journey is constantly changing and evolving into more than I ever expected.  I'm beyond blessed and constantly reminding myself to slow the heck down.

Play cards.  Read books.  Watch clouds.

That's the good stuff.  We all need more of it.  Every one of us. If we don't grab those moments we'll wake up and the kids will be in college.  And I'll bet the farm you'll have a hard time grabbing a college kid to read a book and watch clouds.

It's Sunday.  The perfect day to grab some snuggles.  Go get'em.


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