Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just Existing

Before I was off for a portion of the summer, I made a mental "to do" list.  I set my sights high with goals like cleaning closets, making myself an eye appointment, getting the kids to the dentist, getting my daughter's back brace adjusted and tackling back to school shopping. I wanted to achieve all of these goals before I headed back into work for the new school year.

I start Thursday.

This week I have to clean the closets, make myself (and get to) an eye appointment and get back to school shopping done.  I did get all of my kids to the dentist.  I even threw in an annual physical for my oldest to feel like a real overachiver.  The back brace adjustment has been handed off to Hubby (cringe).  Maybe it's time he meet the orthodics department anyway.

Front Desk Judy is a doll.

I remember summers that lasted, what seemed like, forever. The days were hot and sticky and slow.  Lightening bugs were out, bedtimes were nonexistent, and by the time I went shopping for binders I couldn't wait to get back to in the classroom.

Even as a parent, I had many summers that dragged on.  It was wonderful.  I remember being ready to send the kids to school.  August crawled along; swimming was old news and camps were long over.  I felt like I had made the most of summer vacation.  I felt fulfilled.

It's so much easier to say goodbye to summer when you feel fulfilled.

I'm realizing when there is a time limit on your summer it really cruises along.  I can't even remember what I did these past 6 weeks (other than vacation).  I just existed.  Maybe that's all I needed after my first year working full time since I had my first baby fourteen years ago.

I needed a good few weeks to just exist.  To just be.  Drive the kids, make lunches, stop at Sheetz and see friends.  Swim, play, clean and hang laundry.

It's been good.  It's been refreshing.  And this week I'm going to crush what I can of that "to do" list.

And when I'm not "to do-ing," I'll be existing.  Just sitting on my back deck, soaking up the sun.

We need it every now and again.  Even when the "to do" list is waiting...we need to just be.  It's so good for the soul. 

Cheers Mamas!  

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