Sunday, July 19, 2015

The County Fair

We are smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer.  We are back from vacation and settling into our home routine.  It's hot, sticky and today we did just about nothing until 4pm.

And then we went to the county fair.

We usually only go to this particular fair, because fairs cost a lot of money (x4 kids) and this fair is close. Tonight we also had another reason to hit up the Ferris Wheel scene; a close friend was making his debut in the Junior Demolition Derby.

I'm from New Jersey, and my first year in central Pennsylvania was an adjustment.  More men wear workboots than business suits.  There is less eight to five and more shiftwork.  Cows outnumber deer (at least by the looks of it) and Amish buggies pepper the roads.  It's more laid back and I must admit the adjustment was easy.  

The first year we went to the county fair I felt like I was in Charlotte's Web.  I had never seen the animals and the ribbons and the kids in cowboy boots.  My kids went from friends having Air Jordans to friends showing their pigs at the fair.  

It's such a different world.

Tonight we walked through the barns and buildings with the winning animals, rode some rides and attended our first derby.  Our friends built their son's car, as with every other teenager entered into the competition. All I could think about what how different this world is compared to the world I grew up in, and I'm so blessed to experience both.  Our friend's son won the derby, and our entire section was jumping and screaming.  There is such a sense of community among our friends and tonight the support we have for each other was evident.

There was also such a sense of pride among the participants.  These boys and girls built their cars from junkyard scrap, and to watch the competition was to feel all the work everyone puts into this one evening.

I love "firsts," and tonight was one that we'll remember for a long time.  Every time I experience something new I feel like I lived just a little bit more that day.  I'm also going to bed tonight knowing my kids felt what its like to go out and support a friend.  It wasn't an event they were accustomed to, such as a baseball game.

We went to the fair, bought tickets to the Derby and sat for two hours waiting for our friend to drive his car into the competition circle.  And we loved every minute of it.

I'm wishing everyone something new this week, no matter how small.  

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