Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hardest Part is Gettin' Started

This week I was once again reminded that the hardest part of anything is simply getting started.

It’s true.

My new puppy gets up by 6:30 am every morning crying for a walk.  Usually it’s more like 6am.  This was a very early wake up call after spending most of my summer mornings sleeping past 8am.  The upside was I could fall back into bed until I had to get up and get my kids to camp. 

When I started back at work two weeks ago, I was dreading not being able to crawl back into bed with my puppy and fall back asleep.  I had to get up and be productive.  All before 8am.  The harshest part of my reality?  If I was going to fit in a run it would have to be before work.  Once I get home there is no leaving unless it involves a practice, the grocery store or another family oriented task.  I just don’t have time to get my sweat on after work. 

Or maybe I just can’t take the time, because I need to be available to my family.  That’s probably the better way to put it.

This week, after my puppy woke me at 6am, I dropped her into bed with Hubby after her walk.  I laced up the sneakers, grabbed my phone and hit the pavement.  All I can say is it was freakin’ early.

I’m pretty sure I slept through the first mile.  I’m pretty sure I was sleeping when I left because my consciousness would have told me to lay back down.  That’s the trouble when I overthink anything…I talk myself out of it.

But I didn’t.  And by the second mile I felt good.  I felt alive.  I was happy to be outside, the world quiet and still in the early morning sun. 

I finished with just enough time to guzzle water, shower and get to work.

And after work?  My workout was done and I was available to be a taxi, cook, clean up helper or whatever else was calling. 

The hardest part is getting started.  It’s harder than the last mile, the last stomach crunch.  It’s harder than the last chapter, the last class or the last closet to be organized.  Once you get going, you’re golden.

I promise.

Cheers.  Happy Hump Day!

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