Saturday, October 31, 2015

10 Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween!

This time tomorrow morning, you will have an over-abundance of candy in your kitchen. You will have plucked out the treats you like, tossed the ones with ripped wrappers (and all those annoying tootsie rolls) and you'll be left with a bowl of sugar for the kids to consume over the next several weeks.


To help use up that candy, and spread consumption over a period of time, here are ten ways to use up that Halloween swag:

1. Freeze it.
2. Bake with it. Try these Candy Cookie Bars.
3. Make an advent calendar for November. Check out Alpha Mom for a great "how to"
4. Donate it. Our old community had a dentists' office that would buy your candy for $1/lb and ship it to servicemen and women around the world. Check out Operation Shoebox if you're looking for a place to send donations.
5. Save it for your next pinata.
6. Use it for Gingerbread Houses in December.
7. Let your kids make a sandwich sized bag of the candy they want the most, and bring the rest to work.
8. Save the solid chocolate bars and use them to dip pretzels. Roll in holiday sprinkles and package them for great Christmas treats.
9. Let them choose one piece a day for their lunch. This will gradually lighten the candy load.
10. Toss it. Not my favorite idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Have a wonderful, safe Halloween!

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