Monday, January 4, 2016

No Resolutions Needed.

It’s been a long while.  I unplugged from everything but a few Facebook scrolls and Instagram peeks.  I didn’t email, didn’t blog.  I didn’t even text that well.

I’m back at work. It’s a cruel slap in the face after eleven days of sleeping in past 6:45am. We had mornings the house was quiet enough to hear a pin drop until 10am.  It was heavenly and refreshing.  The Christmas décor is down, the laundry pile is manageable and we even “renovated” a bedroom for my oldest. He officially has his own room, with a bigger bed and newly painted walls.

Overall, Christmas break was just I needed.  A break.

Every January I see and hear people all around me making their resolutions. Diets begin. Exercise programs kickstart. More money is supposed to be saved and patience is going to appear.  I get it.  It’s a new beginning for many of us that we so badly need.

I just don’t do resolutions.  I’m still recovering from Christmas and reveling in the peace that comes with snuggling my kids in pajamas.  Winter is a time I have a wonderful excuse not to go out (it’s freezing) and I can just be.  I can focus on my kids and my house. 

I can also try and focus more on myself. 

I’d like to think that by gaining more time, I do eat better.  I am more inclined to exercise (at home of course).  And those months I didn’t exercise?  I needed the time off.  By having more time, I gain more peace of mind.  It’s a wonderful way to start a new year.

No resolutions needed.

I can appreciate resolutions, and I do have a renewed sense of self and a desire to do better.  I just don’t like to make a hard and fast list of what I am going to do better.  It’s daunting.  I like to creep along, making small changes where I can.  No need to scare myself and make my days more exhausting by overhauling my entire life.

No can do.  Slow and steady wins the race, and maybe by this time next year I’ll have made a few small improvements.  Maybe I’ll still be in the same place.  The thing is, it’s okay.

I’ll continue to creep along, chipping away at anything I want to improve upon.  One day, I’ll get there.

For now I am really enjoying the pajama snuggling and only leaving the house when necessary.

Happy New Year!

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