Friday, April 1, 2016

The Empty Egg

Easter was fabulous.  I had time off of work and for some of that time my kids were in school.  It was just what I needed to get my life a little more in order. I stress the words a little.

Every year we try for big holidays.  I love the excitement of egg hunts and baskets, gifts and meals.  We keep the real reason for the season in place, and we add tons of fluff.  We have discussions and the kids know the meaning behind each holiday.

We don’t do much spoiling on a regular basis, which makes holidays and birthdays even more anticipated.  For much of the year if you need it, you get it.  Anything not needed waits until the next birthday or a holiday such as Christmas or Easter.  Gift giving is so much fun when my kids have been waiting for new clothes, shoes and electronics.  For about two months before a holiday even items that may be needed have to wait. 

I love to build anticipation.

For Easter we do big baskets and we have an egg hunt.  The eggs have candies, lotto scratchies, bible verses, jokes, small stamps and toys and of course the almighty dollars.  Even my teenager hunts because everyone hunts when there is money involved. Sugar too. If he gets a stamp or a toy he quickly trades it for money or candy. 

I didn’t raise any fools.

This year, as the kids were popping open their eggs, they were piling their goodies and announcing their treasures.  There is always much discussion about who made out the best, and my older kids try to finagle my younger kids into unfair trades.  

I act as the trade police...

Think that over.  

Is that the best deal he's got?

Wait! You should take all his stamps for that dollar!

When my oldest went to pop open his last egg, it was empty.  He looked confused. We've never had an empty egg in our hunt.  He started with a “Hey! This egg is empty…”

I quickly announced “The tomb is empty! He is risen!”

The kids were quiet.  My oldest thought for a second.  And then I started clapping and cheering the tomb was empty.  The kids joined and my oldest asked if there was a certificate that came with the special, empty egg. 

I'm pretty sure he was kidding, but it made the moment so much more memorable.

We turned a disappointment into a lesson about Easter.  We made nothing into everything in just a few seconds. We turned something that kind of stinks into the greatest moment of our egg hunt.

It was moment that made me realize life is truly what you make it.  Lemons can turn into lemonade with the right attitude. 

An empty egg can turn into the grand prize. 

You just need to look at everything from more than one angle. We get caught in thinking about how much more we need, how things could be different.  We worry about weight we need to lose, floors that need to be cleaned.

Dirty floors are a sign of a lived in house.  Weight may be the sign of many laughs with family and friends around the table. We think we need more money, a bigger house or better clothes.

But more often than not, we have what we need.  What we need the most is a new perspective.  And just when things seem to be NOT going your way, look again.  Maybe they are going the exact way they should be.  

Happy Trails. Make this weekend wonderful!

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