Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Today I started my summer vacation.  No more up at 6am, running to get some exercise in before the day starts.  Well, for the next few weeks anyway.  There is no better job for a mom than working in a school. 

Summer is my time to recharge.  To spend time with the kids and go on new adventures.  I've realized when you work full time, time at home becomes cherished.  Every minute counts. 

This summer, I am making my own bucket list.  I've decided I want to stop talking and start doing.  I want to experience new things and relive old favorites.  I want the kids to be together, and I want all of us to make the most of these days home.  Some of my bucket list items are small, some will take more planning.  Either way, they will keep me motivated to keep moving forward and make more memories with my kids.

This summer...

I want to take the kids kayaking
Go to an amusement park
Make smores
Eat dinner on the deck and linger over good conversation
Play a game of family baseball
Go on a hike
Hit the beach
Play a board game
Teach each of my kids a new life skill
Go to the park

Let's embrace these next few weeks and really enjoy our time with our kids.  Sit back, relax and make some memories.  The laundry will get done.  I promise.