Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My New Touchscreen Air Fryer (plus Giveaway!)

It's not often I go nutty over home appliances.  I do my thing in the kitchen, and I clean up.  That sums up my excitement over the current appliances available today. 

Until last night.

I recently received a Touchscreen Air Fryer by Phoenix Trading Company.  I'm sure you just read that and thought "huh?" because what the heck is an air fryer?  At least that was what I thought when I opened the box. I'll tell you what an Air Fryer is - heaven. It is absolute heaven for a mom like me in the summer.  We all need one.  I say this for a five reasons:

1.  An Air Fryer cooks anything that can be cooked in the oven (pretty much).  I didn't try confections, but I'm not putting it past this bad boy.  Don't get caught up in the "fryer" part of the name like I did.  This bakes and steams as well. The possibilities of this appliance amaze me.

2.  It cooks these items without heating your kitchen.  I'm not sure about anyone else, but there is something that screams "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes" when I think about cooking when it's ninety degrees outside.

3.  It's quick. I mean very quick.  I cooked chicken in twelve minutes last night.  I made french fries in the same amount of time. I didn't even mention the fries were healthy - not deep fried.  The chicken as well.  Baked to perfection. 

4.  The Air Fryer does not take up much space.  After one try I made room for it on my counter (serious real estate).  The fryer takes up about as much space as a mixer. 

5.  It is so easy to use I showed my teenagers how to make their own food.  This puts me at ease because they don't need to operate the oven or the stovetop.  They toss the food in the Air Fryer and it is done in half the time, without the worry of a hot stovetop burning someone. 

I made dinner in the fryer last night.  Yes, dinner.  An entire meal.  I made baked chicken with barbecue sauce and french fries.  We had a salad as well but that wasn't made in the fryer so I'm leaving it out. 

Although it was delicious.

The food that comes out of this fryer amazes me.  The fries were crispy, and I only added a drizzle of oil.  The chicken was baked, not fried.  It was heated through, juicy and tasted delicious.  All I did was toss the fresh cutlets in the air fryer topped with a little barbecue sauce.

It's that easy.

I visited Phoenix Trading Company online and not only do they sell home appliances, they sell shoes, bags, regular and plus sized clothing, home and garden goods and more.  I would never have considered myself someone to go online and check out products from a company based on one product I've tried, but I was online looking last night.  I have never been so pleased with an item as I was with my new Air Fryer.

Visit Phoenix Trading Company on Facebook, or online at  There are hundreds of items that are sure to please. 

*I received the Air Fryer for review purposes. This is an honest review because I'm a mom who loves moms and I love easy products like this one!*

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