Thursday, August 11, 2016

12 Things I've Learned Training for a Half marathon

Half marathon training has been a life changing experience.  I've been forced to find time for myself in a schedule jam packed with my kids' activities.  I never thought running for over two hours would be something I would choose to do, but it's taught me about perseverance.  Every run is different, some of them starting great and ending horrendously, others starting slow and ending phenomenally. 

The key is to get out there, get going, and keep going. 

Here are twelve lessons I've learned while training.  So much of them mimic real life.  

1.  Runner's high is a very real, addicting feeling. 
2.  Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.  Water is your friend.
3.  Just because you feel like shit at mile 3 does not mean you will feel like shit at mile 8. 
4.  Sleep is vital to health and energy.
5.  You can't run on empty. Fuel is just as important as hydration.
6.  Don't skip workouts. If you do, get back on track as soon as possible.
7.  We all have bad days. get up the next day and try again.
8.  The hardest part is getting started. Every. Single. Time.
9.  When you run twenty five miles a week (or more) your feet get very ugly. Buy good shoes. 
10. When you feel like you can't, keep going.  There is more in the tank than you believe to be there. 
11. Take a rest day. We need them.
12. Don't compete against anyone but yourself.

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