Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homemade Turkey Pins!

I've been on the go so much I have literally abandoned my blog. It's a sad sight, posts are weeks apart. I'll do better. I promise. 

The shocking news is that November is here.  Like a punch in the face.  I've been suckered into Hallmark Christmas movies already and I'm on the hunt for this season's must have toy.  It's called a Hatchimal.  And I can't find the f*cker anywhere.

With holidays on the brain, I'm posting one of my all time favorite crafts for Thanksgiving.  

Turkey Pins.  
My daughter made these what seems like forever ago, and we sold them for $1/piece at Thanksgiving (my kids are little entrepreneurs...nothing is free).  She made a few dollars and I still have my pin in my jewelry box.  They are totes adorbs and super festive.  A huge bonus is you can use old cereal boxes and you only need to purchase a few small things to finish them up. 

If you start prepping now this can be an activity your kids can work on these this weekend.  You can then  A. sell the pins to family at Thanksgiving B. Give them freely on Thanksgiving C. Use for classmates and/or teacher gifts.

You decide. 

Unless you stockpile craft supplies, you will need to purchase two items for this craft:

Googly eyes and adhesive pins.

Along with your googly eyes and adhesive pins, gather:

Empty cereal boxes
Two different sized bottle caps (I used a cap from an Iced Tea Jug and one from a beer.  Classy.)
Pen for tracing

Trace caps onto cereal box.  There was no method to my madness other than to vary the colors for each circle.  I was aiming for colorful pins.

Have your munchkin cut out the circles.  Separate large and smaller circles.
If you are anything like me, you will take over circle cutting after about five minutes.  I then assigned my munchkin feather snipping duty on LARGER circles.  Snip lines 1/2 way around circle to make feathers.

While munchkin is feather snipping, find a yellow part of cereal box and snip out triangular beaks.

Paste smaller circle on top of larger one, towards bottom (away from feathers).  Hand turkey to munchkin to glue on beaks.

While glue is setting, trace several more smaller circles, and cut them in half for wings.  Set aside pairs of googly eyes.

Paste wings in place on sides, underneath smaller circle (away from feathers).  Slightly tuck edges under smaller circle to help hold them in place.

Hand almost finished turkey to your munchkin for googly eye placement.

Making certain turkey is right side up and that pin is going directly across back, peel adhesive off pin and stick to back of turkeys.