Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Bingo

A wonderful, worthwhile re-post. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, I went to Basketball Bingo. It was a fundraiser for the high school basketball team, and the prizes were giftcards to local stores and restaurants. I didn't win anything, but it reminded me how much everyone loves a good game of chance.

Recently my younger son brought to my attention that he didn't feel like it was "Christmas." He misses my older daughter being excited with him to find Stanley (our elf) and he feels like everything is rushed. Now that his sister is in Junior High, she's gone for school before he even wakes up.  

And let's just say he doesn't have the same bond with his younger sister. Finding Stanley with her would involve much bickering and maybe even some tears.

I can tell he misses his older siblings being home and being as excited about Santa as they used to be. There is a difference in Christmas when there are less "believers" in the house.  We still rejoice over the true meaning of Christmas, and we still bake cookies and decorate the house. We've watched a few family movies, and we've donated gifts to needy families. 

There just isn't that chitter chatter about Santa's workshop and the reindeer.  It's different for sure. And while I explained to my son that Christmas is in your heart, and you have to work to keep that magic alive, I understand where he's coming from.

To get some excitement back into the house, I decided to set up Christmas BINGO tonight. I printed cards (you can find them free at Crazy Little Projects) and I bought some small and simple prizes.  I set out candy bars, Christmas socks, dollar bills, small toys and $1 scratchies. Christmas music was on, and the kids happily gathered around the table to play.

There was a catch as well.  After your first win, if you won again you had to gift the prize to another player. After all players had a prize, you could choose your own again unless you had two wins in a row.  A consecutive win meant gifting your next prize.

Tis the season of giving.

Tonight, it was all about Christmas Bingo. It was time we slowed down and had fun together, and tonight we did both.  There was no television or video games; after dinner we cleaned up and set up BINGO. The kids laughed and cracked jokes,and they knew for certain wins they had to gift their prizes.

And there were no complaints. They even were happy to let their sibling come up and pick their own prize. I felt the night was exactly what we needed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week of family time and memory making!