Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Small Changes Add Up to Big Things

Welcome 2017.  My goodness 2016 went fast.

This year, as with all other years, I'm light on the resolutions.  I've just found they don't work well for me.  I can't handle the pressure.  I'd rather focus on bettering myself in itty bitty ways.

Drink more water.
Eat a little less sugar.
Be patient (as much as possible)

I like to keep it general so as not to overwhelm myself.

In keeping with my "small changes" theme I'd like to share a few that really add up.  There is no need to overwhelm ourselves and set ourselves up for failure.  Let's keep it real.  Keep it small.  Keep it kind and achievable.  Which, in turn, can add up to big things.

1.  Try something new every week.

Just one thing.  It can be a food, a movie, a book, a class an exercise or anything else that you don't normally do.  We get into ruts.  It's hard to live to your fullest potential when you're in a rut.  Experience something new every week, no matter how small.

You may find something you like, you never know.

2. Use a small plate.

Do you ever notice how you fill what you have?  If I have a bowl, I fill it with ice cream.  No matter what size it is, I scoop that ice cream to the rim.  If you use a small bowl, you won't eat as much because it's easier to resist a second helping than it is to resist ice cream you already scooped.

The same goes for a dinner plate. Your eyes love the look of a full plate, and you won't be eating as much.  I promise.

3.  Make a list.

When you write something down, you are MUCH more likely to remember it.  Make a list.  Cross off what you get done.  This also gives me the feeling of accomplishment, which is a great feeling when days start to run together and life gets busy.

Every night I make a list of what needs done the next day.  It works wonders for me.

Make a list for the store, and you won't forget the milk.  Even better, clip some coupons for what is on your list for the store and keep it in the same place (like an envelope).

Now you remember everything and save money.

Just don't forget the envelope when you leave for the store.

4.  Drink an extra cup of water.

Just add a cup before a meal.  You'll probably eat less.  You may even realize you were just thirsty and not eat at all. I've realized when I add a cup, I usually start to crave more over time.  And before I know it, I'm drinking water all morning and cutting back on soda and coffee.

5.  Leave the kitchen. Literally.

When I was a teenager I read an article that said if you're hungry, wait fifteen minutes.  Walk out of the kitchen or away from the food and snacks and do something for just fifteen minutes.  Chances are, you'll get caught up in something else and more than fifteen minutes will go by.

I do laundry, turn on a show, grab the vacuum or call a friend.  More often than not I was just bored, not hungry.

6.  Order one less meal, coffee, snack, etc a week.

ONE LESS.  That's it.  A week.  I love Starbucks, but it's costly.  I spend a whopping $30/week on coffees.  Yikes.

I decided this year I was ordering three less a week.  I'm not giving it up, I'm not walking away completely.  I'm ordering less.  Even if it was one less a week, I'd still save $20/month.

Aim for one less meal out.  One less sandwich ordered.  One less coffee.  Even if it's $5, that's $20/month.  Which translates to $240/year.

Small changes will add up to big changes.  $5 turns into $240 over time.  That's proof enough for me.

Happy 2017 everyone.  Life is what you make it.

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