Monday, June 25, 2018


You may have noticed I refurbished the blog. I've given it a face lift.  An update.  A much needed refresher.

When I started this blog, my kids were little.  My youngest was a baby and my oldest was in elementary school.  Time has a way of changing things, and my oldest is now entering his senior year of high school.  In the years between the start of this blog and today I've moved, held a few different jobs, transitioned from diapers to potty trained, adopted dogs and life in general has gone from boogie wiping to mom taxi most of the time. 

An example of these changes in pictures...



Enjoy every minute because in between these photos is only seven Christmas mornings.  

I took a long break from blogging because life was too busy and I needed to focus on the family.  My kids also didn't appreciate being the theme of a blog anymore.  When friends are reading your mom's blog in class its a bit embarrassing (if you are the friend reading the blog, get back to work).

When I pulled up the blog today the baby chicks and munchkin crafts didn't quite fit the bill anymore.  While I still have an eight year old, most of my advice now would revolve around teenage girl drama, cell phone issues, how to get chores done, the fastest dinner to make and the best way to remove a stain from football pants. 

I'm going to do my best to get back into the swing of blogging more frequently because I love it dearly.  I've done a decent job of raising responsible humans (hence the new tagline).  My kids play sports, get their homework done most of the time and they are pleasant to be around.  In my world, that's a win.  I'm sure as my kids continue to grow I'll be able to share some valuable tips. Or some huge disasters.  Hopefully not the latter...but life has a way of surprising us.  

The offspring will still lead a fairly anonymous life.  I promise. The dogs are fair game and I don't think they'll mind at all (insert wink emoji).

Happy Monday!  

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