Monday, July 9, 2018

25 Activities to do with Your Kids this Summer (for under $20)

The other day I blogged about the importance of keeping kids young. We need to encourage them to play and be outside, and keep the screens off as long as possible.

We don't know who our kids are talking to and that is frightening. Smart phones are smarter than most of us, and we need to spend time with our kids to know what is happening in their lives.

Who are they talking to?
What do they like to watch on YouTube? 
What scares them?
What are they proud of?

This summer unplug and spend time together.  Ask hard questions.  Laugh.  Share memories. 

Below I'm listing 25 ways to make awesome memories this summer.  All of them for $20 or less. 

1.  Write letters to friends and family that live out of town
2.  Family tie dye night
3.  S'mores over a fire (or even a grill)
4.  Play cards
5.  Picnic in a park
6.  Family cooking lesson
7.  Family wiffle ball
8.  Bike rides
9.  Paint rocks with inspirational messages and plant them around town
10. Ice cream sundae night
11. Make a fort in the living room and sleep in it
12. Camp in the backyard
13. Plant a garden
14. Popcorn and a family movie
15. Take the kids fishing
16. Hike
17. Make a scavenger hunt in the backyard (the Dollar store has gold coins and fun prizes!)
18. Take a day trip to a state park (and pack lunch for a picnic!)
19. Catch fireflies
20. Make a playhouse out of a cardboard box (save those boxes from big deliveries!)
21. Play charades
22. Check your local craft store for project days (Michaels has different crafts for minimal cost)
23. Make a backyard water park (all you need is a sprinkler and a slide!)
24. Make an obstacle course 
25. Teach the kids a life skill (laundry/gardening/cooking/cleaning)

Enjoy your family this weekend and always! 

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