Monday, July 2, 2018

And then there were puppies...

Something happened to me when we decided we weren't having more babies. I got into puppies.
I'll add that I could have had at least one more baby.  Maybe two.  I love the baby snuggles and diaper butts.  The chaos babies and large families bring does not deter me one bit.  I'm like a moth to a flame.

When I was growing up, my parents had so many pets I swore I'd never have a pet.  They were so much work.  We had birds, dogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets.  My skin still crawls remembering all the squawking and barking. Those days gave me my current appreciation for quiet.

My sister can't believe how quiet my house is with four kids and three dogs. I've worked hard for the harmonious space I call home.

As an adult, my stance on pets has changed.  They are work, but they also provide us with many laughs and great companionship. Our pets have taught my kids how to care for a living creature, which is not an easy task. We brought our first dog home eleven years ago, a french bulldog/pekingese mix (a Bullnese).  She has been (and continues to be) a phenomenal family dog.

Three years ago, when the pang of no more babies was settling in, a friend of ours brought Pomeranian puppies to my son's baseball game.  Have you ever seen Pomeranian puppies?  They are like live stuffed animals. My heart about melted and that weakness landed me with another puppy. 
With two dogs and four kids, life was full.  Our Pomeranian was difficult for a year (please always remember this...they are work!) but she is now the sweetest most well behaved little pup.

A few months ago I had that urge to add another...I thought a big dog would be a nice change of Enter Blu.  A Boxer/Newfoundland mix that has totally stolen my heart.

Can you even?  That face. This girl is a dream. 

Blu loves digging in dirt, wet kisses, bullying the Pomeranian, going for walks and finding big sticks.  She is the perfect pup to complete our large crazy family.  

Puppy love.  Not the same as baby love, but I'll take it. 

And for anyone who wonders about our senior citizen Bullnese, you can follow her on Instagram courtesy of my oldest son.  He is kind of pup obsessed as well. 

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