Monday, July 30, 2018

Elephant Party

My daughter loves elephants.  She loves all animals, but elephants currently have her heart. Truthfully I never thought much of elephants unless there was one in the room.  Those are hard to ignore.

Did you know that elephants symbolize strength, honor and loyalty?  One of the things I've learned about elephants as I searched for party ideas.

My youngest daughter has elephant stuffed animals, toys, pictures, paintings and clothes.  For her 9th birthday she wanted an elephant party.  I went on Pinterest and found all kinds of great ideas for her party that require me to carve elephants out of watermelons.

That was all I needed to stop looking on Pinterest. I did see an idea for Nutter Butters as party snacks and that one I put to good use. 

Instead of carving watermelons into elephant heads, I went to the dollar store for baby shower products. Elephants are pretty popular for new babies.  I found an elephant garland and table decor, went to Claire's for small elephants for the girls to "adopt" and asked Sam's Club to make me an elephant cake.

My older daughter, bless her heart, made us a "pin the tail on the elephant" game.

The party, with snacks and swimming, was a hit. I now have one more year with a child in "single digits." 

I can't even. I may need another puppy.

Cheers to elephants, nine year old and Mondays. 

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