Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The older I get, I've decided I believe less in luck and more in karma. The energy you put out into the world is the energy you you receive, like a boomerang. I've seen it with my kids, my friends and the world in general.  

You reap what you sow.

I'm not saying if you're a good person you won't have heartache.  We all know that isn't the case. Life has a way of surprising us, and we go through many trials and tribulations. But your attitude through everything, and the energy you put out into the world comes back to you. I'm sure of it.

I know some miserable people. They make other people miserable and no one wants to be around that kind of energy.  I've heard them complain and cry about their luck and how they can never "catch a break."  Year after year it's much of the same and they can't see how they are behaving. They don't see their blessings as easily and they struggle to find that everyday happiness.   

I also know some people who are inherently happy. They just are.  They do favors without the blink of an eye; they offer a hand when its needed and never expect anything in return. I always refer to them as "refreshing."  They are easy to be around, they aren't complaining and they seem to just enjoy life. 

I'll be the first to say with four kids I've needed a hand more than a few times.  There is nothing better than calling a friend for a favor and rather than hearing a list of all the things they have to do before they say they'll help, they just say "no problem. I've got it."  

My third child is extremely charismatic. He has a way of letting things roll off his shoulders.  His room is a scattered mess, but he just lives in this happy bubble of oblivion.  While he's very refreshing, sometimes it's enough to make a mom nuts.  For almost thirteen years I've had mini heart attacks from being late, worrying about his never-ending sense of adventure, losing him in public places and visits to the ER. 

But he is lucky.  Good things happen to him.  He has found money on countless occasions. We'll be in the ocean and all of a sudden, "hey look, I found $10." He has many friends and he is very easy to be around. I often find myself in situations such as when I gave him money for the book fair and when I ask for my change he shrugs his shoulders and responds, "I gave it away."

My first reaction is always Why did you give it away?  And then he tells me he gave it to a much younger student who didn't have enough money for the fair, and I immediately realize I am the one in the wrong.

When we were on vacation this past spring, there was a lazy river at our resort. You had to provide your own tubes or hope to find some people left behind. We brought tubes, but we were lucky enough to have a family give us nice tubes as they were leaving the resort.  They had cupholders and headrests...the kind you can really get cozy in. 

The second day of our trip, I noticed one of our nice tubes was gone. My daughter told me my son gave it away.  I looked at him disappointed and asked him why on Earth did he give our tube away? He gave me that shrug and answered that we have plenty of tubes, and a family needed one. 

He constantly reminds me how to be a better person. 

I kid you not an hour later my son found an even nicer tube a family left behind. Life gives him back what he gives, every single time. Whether it be when he shares his snacks at lunch, funds another student's trip to the book fair or gives away our super nice tubes he always is rewarded two fold. 

This is my reminder to everyone to be refreshing.  Before you say no, think about saying yes. Open your curtains at home and let sunlight in; roll down the window in your car. Say hello to a stranger.  Do favors. Smile. Lend a hand.  

Give away a super nice pool tube when on vacation.

Life will return the favor.  I promise. 

Have a fantastic week!

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