Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mama's Specialties

A few years ago, I started making something I dubbed a "Mama's Specialty."  Basically our family was in a downward spiral (that I created) of going out for ice cream.  This gets very expensive.  I decided to make my own little ice cream shop in my kitchen.  My creations were more impressive than any ice cream window, and I could make several for less than $5.  

The trick behind a Mama's Specialty is the size.  It needs to look impressive.  Often this can be achieved by overfilling an 8 oz cup.  I usually use 12 oz, but that's because I know I wouldn't want any smaller myself. 

Two generous scoops (minimum), drizzled chocolate syrup (or marshmallow, caramel, or anything) with sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookie crumbles or other toppings need to go on the bottom of the cup AND the top of the sundae.  Add whipped cream, drizzle a little more topping over the whipped cream. 

My kids wait for their specialties these days.  My kids' friends even know about these wondrous creations.  I have a line of munchkins every time we go away on vacation with other families.  They are all waiting for their desserts. 

Making your own sundaes saves a crap ton of money when you are on vacation. Trust me, I know this firsthand.  Too often we get into the habit of thinking a special treat or a special evening needs to be outside the home.  We go out to eat, out for dessert or out for a movie.

Stay in.  You'll be surprised how much an evening in can overshadow any evening out. You'll save money and the kids will be more comfortable than if they were sitting in a restaurant.  In your living room you can wear jammies or sweats and really focus on family time.

While my kids love a special treat every night, you can make Sunday for sundaes.  Or Friday. Or whatever your heart desires.

Play it up, set the toppings out and let the kids get crazy!  If this gives you anxiety take their orders and you get crazy.

A few of my favorite toppings:

M&M's (any variety)
chocolate chips (mini are best)
crumbled cookies
chocolate syrup
caramel syrup
marshmallow (made by mixing 1/2 cup Fluff with a tablespoon of boiling hot water)
whipped cream
melted peanut butter

I've also ventured into milkshake making, and this is one of the easier desserts to surprise your kids. A few scoops ice cream (any flavor) and a cup of milk, add syrup to the cup before you pour in the milkshake, and top with a few toppings.

Happy almost weekend!

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