Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August Thus Far

Back to school brings mixed feelings in my house. I love fall. The scents, the leaves, football, jeans...but the running around is usually a shock to the system the first few weeks. With four kids and all of them in athletics to say our schedule is full is an understatement. 

A big understatement. 

To ward off any major breakdowns I try and get as much done as possible in the weeks leading up to school starting again. Haircuts, clothes, shoes and of course supplies. Since my flooded basement I have really taken to purging unnecessary garbage I've saved over the years.  This would include just about everything I consider throwing out and then I think "I might need it some day..." 

Fast forward 18 years and I used 25% of it, yet it all lived in my basement. Not any more. Bedrooms have also been cleansed and it is a very freeing experience. I guess rainy days are good for something. 

This weather is making me feel as if summer was stolen, without any hopes of it returning this year. Afternoons by the pool have been replaced with wrangling wet dogs and wiping up muddy footprints. Some of my kids have been stuck indoors for the start of their fall seasons and my oldest is outside catching footballs in the rain. 

Not a fun August so far.

I'm looking forward to sunshine and even the smell of pumpkin spice. Give me anything other than rain. 

Hope the sun is shining where you are...say hello to it for me. 

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