Who is This Chick?

Contact me via jodie@allgoodinmommyhood.com for information on advertising, review and freelance opportunities. 

 I'm a Starbucks loving Mama who has a sincere appreciation for dessert, good friends, the love of family and a great run.

I take pride in my family and have worked hard to instill in my kids responsibility, kindness, patience and the art of simply being thankful.  I lead by example and strongly believe if we respond with love to almost any situation the world will be a better place.  

I'm on a never-ending quest to find the balance between "Frazzled Mommy" and "Domestic Goddess."  I crave quiet harmonious spaces yet I love the chaos a large family brings.  I have a passion for baking and thankfully, exercising.  I have very little tolerance for mess and even less for clutter.  Both send me into a cleaning tailspin.

I've been documenting my journey through Mommyhood on this blog since 2010.  I needed a place to call my own.  Someplace tiny people couldn't find and wipe boogies.

I've been to Walt Disney World over forty times in my life, and I still get excited before every trip.  My Disney Tips n' Tricks page holds the key to all my Disney secrets. In January of 2014, I became a published author.  I took all my Disney secrets and advice and turned it into the ultimate, easy-to-read guidebook for parents.  I removed the guide from Amazon in 2018 because Disney made so many updates to the parks the book needed updates as well.

Every day is filled with smiles, snuggles, laughs, tears, fights, and complete chaos.  Welcome to my circus!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy!